Future Vision, Mission, and Values

As a role model for institutional excellence in social sciences, JGU offers interdisciplinary education, global orientation and active promotion of research in the areas of finance and business.


Vision of the Jindal School of Banking & Finance (JSBF) is to evolve as an institution that focuses on new technology-led banking, finance & allied field to develop professionals who are aware of environmental, ethical, and developmental issues in finance of global relevance.


  • To engage students in a flexible, relevant and future-ready curriculum
  • To nurture our students to become socially responsible thought leaders in the cross disciplinary areas of finance, technology, and social sciences
  • To provide global opportunities to our students in Banking, Finance and allied fields
  • To develop a multi-layered industry engagement and partnership 
  • To build a strong culture of interdisciplinary research and publications
  • Conduct innovative research and provide impactful consulting in the areas of financial methods, products, practices, operations, and technology 

Core Values

The core values of the JSBF align with those of JGU and are as follows:

  • Focus on methods, outcomes and impact
  • Academic freedom in line with standards followed by the world’s top universities
  • Highest ethical standards in personal and professional behavior
  • The promotion of pluralism and celebration of diversity
  • Collegiality and team work
  • Concern for the environment and sustainable approaches
  • Transparency and accountability to all stakeholders