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PPPs in Solid Waste Management in India

Ganesh V Radhakrishnan; Abhay Pant

The Socio-Economic Determinants Of Covid 19 Transmission

Ganesh V Radhakrishnan; Abhay Pant; Agnieszka Góra-Błaszczykowska

Solving supplier allocation problem in dual offshore sourcing considering green tax – application of bilevel programming methods

Nivedita Haldar, Sanjeet Singh

Webs of understanding: untangling One at the time of COVID 19

Richa Shukla; Mansi Rathour

Epistemology of Citizenship and Assam’s Solitary Ride: Few Philosophical Questions

Richa Shukla; Dalorina Nath

E-learning Continuation Intention in the Pandemic: A Mixed Method Research

Ritanjali Panigrahi

Measurement, Luders and von Neumann Projections and Nonlocality

Sudip Patra; Partha Ghose

Exploring Relationships between Family Firms’ Market Orientation and Innovation – Proposition of a Conceptual Framework

Sanjay Chaudhary; Deepak Sangroya;

Corporate Entrepreneurship Environment and Younger Workforce Engagement: An Empirical Examination

Amarpreet Singh, Sanjay Chaudhary, Deepak Sangroya;

Effect of Exploratory Learning and Adaptive Capability on Performance: The role of Positive Mood and Satisfaction

Sanjay Chaudhary

Environmental Leadership and Pro-Environmental behaviour: A moderated mediation model with green rewards, self-efficacy and training

Mohit Yadav

Classical Optical Modelling of Social Sciences

in a Bohr-Kantian Framework

Sudip Patra; Partha Ghose

Quantum Finance: Using number operators in financial transaction models: A proposed model set -up for CDS markets

Sudip Patra

Classical Optical Modelling of the `Prisoner’s Dilemma’ Game

Sudip Patra; Partha Ghose

Taking Stock And Moving Forward: A Case For Organizational Theories In Service Quality Research

Abhishek Vashishth;Manu Prasad;Padmavathi Shenoy;Jitesh Mohnot

Perceived Performance of Gasoline Supply Chains: Empirical Evidences from Namibia

Ayon Chakraborty; Abhishek Vashishth;Michael Mutingi

Antecedents Of IMS Maturity Level And Its Impact On Operational Performance: Empirical Evidence From India

Abhishek Vashishth;Ayon Chakraborty; Sirish Kumar Gouda; Gajanand M. S

System Dynamics Analysis of Sugarcane Supply Chain in Indian Sugar Industry 

Srinivas Jangirala

Designing Self-Verification Authentication Mechanism for IoT Services Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks

Srinivas Jangirala

Big Data for Sustainable Smart Cities in Asian Countries

Srinivas Jangirala

Dharma-Sankat and Bhartiya Ethos: Indigenous Approach to Address Ethical Dilemmas

Ankur Joshi; Anshu Sharma

Understanding work-life-study balance and its impact on emotional labour: A qualitative investigation in executive education

Anshu Sharma; Ruchi Garg; Ritu Chhikara; Amil Pal; Sanjiv Narula; Digbijaya Mahapatra

Quantum Finance: Using number operators in financial transaction models: A proposed model set -up for CDS markets

Sudip Patra

A bilevel programming model for designing a joint offshore manufacturing and franchise contract considering green tax

Nivedita Haldar; Sanjeet Singh

The Road Towards Per Capita Income Convergence in India: The Catching-up Experience

Subaran Roy; Chitrakalpa Sen; Rohini Sanyal

Remodeling Leadership: Quantum modeling of Wise Leadership

David Rooney; Sudip Patra

What do consumers consider when choosing an airline: A qualitative and quantitative analysis

Nihal Singh; Diptiman Banerji

Employing young people’s peer relationships to reduce risky consumption 

Diptiman Banerji

A two-stage Optimization Model for tactical planning of fresh fruit supply chain: A case from Kullu Region in India

Ashish Trivedi; Ajay Sohal; Sudhanshu Joshi

Analyzing Consumers’ Smartphone adoption Decisions Using Qualitative Dimensions: A Multi-Criteria Model 

Vibha Trivedi; Ankur Chauhan; Ashish Trivedi

Transfer Pricing Contract between a Global Brand Seller and its Offshore Manufacturer considering Local Brand Introduction in the Offshore Market under Green Tax

Nivedita Haldar; Sanjeet Singh; Prashant Shukla

Conceptualization and Validation of Employee Experience as a Latent Construct

Mohit Yadav; Nitin Simha Vihari

The impact of Intra Organizational Social Capital and Perceived Organizational Support on expatriate job performance in the United Arab Emirates: The role of Islamic Work Ethic

Jesu Raja Santiagu; Nitin Vihari; Mohit Yadav

Impact of Workplace acculturation on Expatriate Job performance: Empirical Evidence from UAE

Mohit Yadav

Trading Activity, Volatility and Market Conditions: An Investigation of Emerging Crude Futures Market

Brajesh Kumar; Dinesh Gajurel

Systemic Impact of Accounting Scandals on Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets:  Evidence from India*

Krishnamurthy V. Subramanian; Rajesh Chakrabarti

Interplay of Enterprise Social Media and Learning at Work: A Qualitative Investigation 

Anshu Sharma; Jyotsna Bhatnagar; M.P. Jaiswal; Mohan Thite

Enterprise social media and organizational learning capability: Mediated moderation effect of social capital and informal learning

Anshu Sharma; Jyotsna Bhatnagar; M.P. Jaiswal; Mohan Thite

How Work Teams Understand and Overcome Performance Pressure? A Qualitative Investigation of Project Teams in India

Anshu Sharma

Critical Review of Unethical Pro-organisational Behavior (UPB): Towards A Conceptual Framework 

Anshu Sharma; Tanuja Sharma

Power, Compensation and Corruption: Theory and Evidence

Ajay Subramanian; Rajesh Chakrabarti

Dynamic market risk of green stocks across regions: Where does the devil lie?

Gagari Chakrabarti ; Chitrakalpa Sen

Urban Freight and Supply Chain – The Neglected

Stakeholder: An Analysis of Current Research Trends

Chitresh Kumar

Theoretical Framework to Analyze Conflict between

Marketing and Operations Strategy: A Product Life Cycle Perspective

Chitresh Kumar; Anirban Ganguly;

Factors Affecting Outsourcing Decisions: A Multiple

Criteria Decision Analysis Using Fuzzy AHP Approach

Anirban Ganguly, Chitresh Kumar, Debdeep Chatterjee;

Identification Of Parameters For Urban And Regional Level Infrastructure Development – A

Theoretical Perspective: Case Study – Rail Based Mass Transit In Indian Cities

Chitresh Kumar, Dr. Santanu Gupta (External)

Decolonizing governance through daily living: Re-existence as a matrix of praxis

interlocking commercial, religious and familial spheres

Jitesh Mohnot; Sankalp Pratap

Giving voice to the agency of homemakers within indigenous business communities:

A microstoria 

Jitesh Mohnot; Sankalp Pratap

Extending Research on Consumer Brand Relationships:Importance of contextual factors

Shubhomoy Banerjee

Agreeing to disagree under a Quantum-like decision framework: Implications for costly signalling in economic science

Sudip Patra