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Curriculum & Pedagogy

Experiential learning is valued at JGBS. Students are engaged in activities that allow them to participate and reflect on their learning process also. We use business case discussions extensively in our classes. In addition, students undertake team projects, poster displays, presentations, library research, simulation exercises, and field research as part of different courses.


The aim is to let the unique strength of each individual flourish. Emphasis is on 1: Learning through discovering, in addition to classroom instruction; 2: Problem-solving, instead of rote learning; and 3: Critical thinking, as opposed to acquiring information gathering. This is the essence of being one’s own teacher, which is emphasized.

Course curriculum distinctive features

  • Our curriculum is structured around four course categories:
  • Foundation courses
  • Core courses
  • Programme electives
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • electives

Broad and Deep Foundation

In the BBA and the Integrated BBA-MBA programmes, we strive to provide students a broad foundation on which the core of business education rests. Courses in the first two years include math, history, fine arts, literature, statistics, written communications, philosophy, negotiation and so on. Our foundation courses in the MBA programme give students the basics required for higher level electives, such as business research skills.

Foreign Languages

Students have the opportunity to learn, over a four-year period, a non-English foreign language including Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish and French, for course credits. It is mandatory in the Integrated BBA-MBA program, and optional in the other programmes.


All our students undertake at least one internship for about 8-weeks in a functional area of their choice, for course credits. In addition, students in the Integrated BBA-MBA programme undertake a social internship with an NGO to help them imbibe the dream of a better India. Students may choose to undertake an elective involving a semester-long consultancy project, as an additional opportunity to work in the real-world while studying.

Business Concentration

Business courses in the MBA and the Integrated BBA – MBA programmes allow Students to concentrate in one of the following areas: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Operations and Supply chain, Human capital management, and Business analytics. Students can major in two areas, if they so desire. In the BBA programme, students can choose to concentrate on, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, HR, Finance & Family business, Business Analytics


The school encourages students to take courses from other schools in the University that would supplement their learning with different perspectives.