All The Songs Make Sense – By whatsername

May 01, 2017 

When I look at you, the words fall out of my mouth like waterfalls,

It’s like I don’t even have to try,

Like the joy you get walking past puppy-petting stalls,

How I could just grab you and gaze into your eyes.

Wherever I go or whosoever I talk to,

They say they’ve never seen me happier,

Which is true because I’m a whole new person with you,

And with you, my words have definitely gotten sappier.

My friends sometimes just look at me when I’m talking about you,

With a maniacal smile spread across my lips,

And they tell me, “She’s a keeper, there’s no one better for her than you”,

I fall short of words and a couple of beats my heart skips.

When you asked me if I could be yours for the rest of eternity,

I could not have thought of an answer other than a yes,

That very moment I knew you were my serendipity,

And I realized that all of my feelings for you I didn’t need to longer suppress.

If someone were to ask me how one knows when one is in love,

I wouldn’t even think of it as a trick question anymore,

I would just think about how your hand fits mine perfectly like a glove,

I would tell them that it is when all the songs finally make sense.

If you were to ask me how much I loved you,

I would not hold you long in suspense,

I wouldn’t know what to say because you hold me at a loss of words,

I would just tell you that all the songs now make sense.