Issues of Growth and Finance
Date; Time of event: 6 March, 2021; 6 pm to 8 pm IST
Participant Profiles:

Dr. Ibrahim Yousef

Dr. Ibrahim Yousef is Principal Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the School of Administrative & Financial Sciences at University of Petra, Jordan. He has taught various economics, business, and finance courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and published in areas involving applications of quantitative techniques in corporate finance, such as capital structure, dividend policy, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, risk management. His current research focuses in the area of banking and corporate finance seeking to evaluate the implication of mergers and acquisitions and capital structure of firms.


Dr Dyotona Dasgupta

Dr. Dyotona Dasgupta has done her Bachelor and Master of Science in Economics from Calcutta University. Dr. Dasgupta has received her Ph.D. degree from the Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi. During her Ph.D., she received prestigious Robert S. Mc. Namara fellowship from the World Bank and visited Boston University for an academic year. Dr. Dasgupta has taught at Shiv Nadar University and Ashoka University. She was a CDE-IEG postdoctoral fellow jointly appointed by the Centre for Development Economics at the Delhi School of Economics and the Institute of Economic Growth. Dr. Dasgupta’s research interest lies in Microeconomics, Game Theory, Dynamic Contract Theory, Development Economics, and Behavioral Economics. She is also interested in gender discrimination at workplaces, especially in terms of pay parity.


Dr. Sailesh Tanna is Associate Professor in the School of Economics, Finance and Accounting and Research Associate of the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity within the Faculty of Business and Law at Coventry University, UK. He holds a BSc and MSc from LSE, and a PhD from London South Bank University. In his academic career spanning over 30 years, he has made significant contributions in teaching and research, having also supervised PhD students, many of whom now hold successful academic positions in higher education. With prior interests in the field of economics and econometrics, his research is broadly inter-disciplinary in scope, dealing with the application of quantitative techniques in economics and financial management, seeking to evaluate firm-level or economy-wide performance in response to institutional, policy or environmental changes. He has published over 60 research articles, with many of his publications found in reputable journals including the Economic Journal, European Journal of Finance, International Journal of Finance and Economics, International Review of Financial Analysis, Economic Modelling, Journal of Financial Stability, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, and Financial Markets, Instruments and Investments.


Dr. Sayantan Ghosh Dastidar

Dr Sayantan Ghosh Dastidar is a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Derby. His primary research interests lie in various sub-fields of Development Economics and International Economics issues relating to International Trade, Remittances, Migration and Economic Growth. He has published in journals such as Third World Quarterly, Journal of Cultural Economics, Global Economy Journal and Review of Development and Change. Sayantan works as a reviewer for several reputed journals and has served on the Editorial Board of a peer-reviewed journal for the last two years.


  • Sudip Patra, Assistant Professor, Jindal Global Business School