25 Jun, 2020, Mundaneness of Crisis and Vulnerability

JGBS Pandemic Lecture Series

Lecture 11

Thursday, June 25, 2020, 6:30PM (New Delhi)

Mundaneness of Crisis and Vulnerability.


Dr. Richa Shukla

Assistant Professor

Jindal Global Business School


In this lecture Dr. Richa Shukla makes an attempt to do a philosophical analysis of COVID-19. While trying to make an attempt to see vulnerability, belongingness as one of the major grounds which phenomenologically brings identities in solidarity with each other. This lecture tries to answer the fundamental existentialist philosophical question of what is the inherent meaning of human life during COVID19. What meaning life has in this crisis and how philosophy can be a therapy to understand ourselves better


Dr. Richa Shukla is a Philosopher. Her philosophical leanings go for Existentialism, Feminist Philosophy, and Feminist Phenomenology. Dr. Shukla is associated with JGBS as an Assistant Professor at JGU.

Moderator: Dr. Meenakshi Tomar, Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean, JGBS