24 Jun, 2020, Decision making under uncertainty

JGBS Pandemic Lecture Series

Lecture 10

Friday, June 24, 2020, 6:30PM (New Delhi)                     
Decision making under uncertainty 

Pramath Malik (Grid Dynamics, San Francisco, USA)



This talk aims to share some concepts from the world of Statistics, Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, and Mental Models on how to deal with uncertainty such as the current pandemic.


The key concepts that will be touched upon are: 

  • Limits of planning, 
  • Introduction to some common decision-making biases 
  • Understanding uncertainty vs. risk 
  • Understanding chaos vs. randomness 
  • Orientation for decision making 
  • Narrative based decision making 
  • Bayesian updating 
  • Mixed strategies in Game theory 
  • Roughness vs. Smoothness (mathematics) 


Pramath Malik is a Business Development specialist with an MBA from MDI Gurgaon. He is a business development leader who has led sales, marketing & partnerships in multiple industries (R&D, legal, hotels, and IT) and geographies (US, CN, EU, and India). Over his 10+ year career, he has helped:


  • An Indian analytics company (Dolcera) gain R&D & Legal clients across the globe,
  • Build a BD team and win hotel partners for OYO in Pacific Northwest US
  • Is currently a Sales Director for a digital transformation specialist (Grid Dynamics)


Pramath has a passion for all things revenue & business whether it be sales, business development, channel marketing, partnerships, or inbound marketing. He also has a strong quantitative bent and likes to bring academic rigor to Sales & Marketing’s “mushy” world whenever possible.

Moderator: Dr. Anuj Kapoor, Assistant Professor, JGBS.