20 June 2020, Disaster Governance – Risk Reduction and Recovery

JGBS Pandemic Lecture Series

Lecture 9

Saturday, June 20, 2020, 6:30PM (New Delhi)

Disaster Governance - Risk Reduction and Recovery


Gargi Sen (Indian Institute of Human Settlements)


Vineetha Nalla (Indian Institute of Human Settlements)


A disaster during a pandemic is something India has had to confront in the last couple of months. Two cyclones Amphan and Nisarga made landfall on the eastern and western coast, respectively. The States employed their own disaster management capabilities to save lives and will now have to work towards rebuilding the affected places. This session will focus on the role of institutions and their governance framework in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and long term recovery post disaster. The research is based in the State of Odisha which faces a cyclone almost every year and also has one the country’s first Disaster Management Authority.


Gargi Sen is a researcher at the Indian Institute of Human Settlements and a part of the Urban risk Reduction team. She completed her Master of City Planning from IIT Kharagpur and bachelors in Architecture from Mumbai University. At IIHS she works on Disaster Risk Reduction projects and teaches a course in Urban risk reduction.

Vineetha Nalla is a researcher at the Indian Institute of Human Settlements working on the themes of urban risk & resilience and affordable housing. She has a Masters in Building & Urban Design in Development, from the Bartlett at UCL, London and a B.Arch from SPA, Bhopal. At IIHS, Vineetha has worked on projects related to disaster risk reduction and also taught courses on Urban Risk and Resilience.

Moderator: Dr. Meenakshi Tomar, Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean, JGBS.