19 November, How to Publish in Top Journals, Dr. Amna Kirmani, Editor, Journal of Consumer Research, Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Marketing, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

How to Publish in Top Journals

Thursday, November 19, 8:00PM (New Delhi)

Speaker: Dr. Amna Kirmani

Editor, Journal of Consumer Research

Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Marketing

Robert H. Smith School of Business

University of Maryland


Abstract: As academics, we all want to publish in the top journals in their field. But this is not an easy task. In this talk, Dr. Kirmani will provide some tips on how you can craft research for top journals. She will focus on specific questions, such as how do you select the topic? What makes it novel and interesting? Which literature should you include? What kind of (and how much) empirical work do you need? How do you craft the paper? Dr. Kirmani will also share some reasons that papers get rejected, including desk rejections. Although there is no formula for publishing in the top journals, there are some guidelines that you can follow to make your path easier.


Moderator: Dr. Laknath Jayasinghe, Professor, JGBS

Dr. Meenakshi Tomar, Assistant Professor, JGBS