12 June, 2020, Logistics and Supply Chain issues in Australia during Covid19

JGBS Pandemic Lecture Series

Lecture 6
Friday, June 12, 2020, 11:00AM (New Delhi)

 Logistics and Supply Chain issues in Australia during Covid19

 Associate Professor Russell G. Thompson

Department of Infrastructure Engineering
Melbourne School of Engineering
The University of Melbourne




This seminar will outline how the COVID-19 pandemic led to numerous changes in logistics supply chains in Australia, including container volumes in ports, demand for food and other items, risks for vulnerable road users, road congestion levels, demand for eCommerce and storage levels of shipping containers. An overview of several initiatives such as lifting curfews, abolishment of duration limits in loading zones and increased expenditure on infrastructure projects will also be presented.



Russell is an Associate Professor in Transport Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He has a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics (RMIT University), Masters in Transport Engineering (Monash University) and a PhD in Transport Engineering (The University of Melbourne). For the last 20 years he has been involved in numerous local freight studies, including Melbourne’s Freight Movement Model and the Victorian Freight and Logistics Plan. Russell is a Team Leader of the Volvo Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Urban Freight Systems and Vice-President of the Institute for City Logistics based in Kyoto. Currently, Russell is actively involved in several urban freight projects in Melbourne and Sydney including High Productivity Freight Vehicles, Urban Consolidation Centres and Loading Dock Booking systems. He is currently conducting research studies investigating the benefits of the physical internet, parcel lockers, logistics sprawl, collaborative freight systems, road pricing, urban consolidation centres and multi-modal freight systems.


Russell has also contributed to a number of international studies relating to urban freight, including the European Union’s Best Urban Freight Solutions (BESTUFS) project and the OECD report on urban distribution. He has co-authored over 10 books and 130 refereed publications. Russell recently co-edited a book, “City Logistics: Mapping the Future” (CRC Press, 2015) that presents a range of innovative solutions to increase the efficiency and reduce the impacts of freight in cities.


Moderator: Dr. Chitresh Kumar, Associate professor, JGBS.