About Us

The environmental studies programme must be able to educate about the long-term human prospect of environment and sustainability. It must enable students to understand Jindal School of Environment and Sustainability.

In this year 2020, we face an increasing array of environmental challenges that require greater levels of innovation and collaboration among industry, government, academics and communities. Jindal School of Environment and Sustainability (JSES) hopes to lead the world (India/Asia/Global South) toward a sustainable future with cutting-edge teaching, research and practice-based engagement. The School will develop a strategic plan that builds a sustainable future in this extraordinary time. Through national and international collaborations, JSES will promote interdisciplinary studies, joint teaching and research programmes, and a comparative perspective on environment and sustainability issues.


In the near future, JSES will integrate Summer School; Study Abroad; Postgraduate (Master of Environmental and Sustainable Development, Mater of Environmental Legal Studies, Master of Environmental management/Sciences and policy); Doctoral programme (Doctor of Philosophy in Environment and Sustainability)