Integrating Law and Science for Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Law and Science Advocacy Forum

“A point has been reached in history when we must shape our actions throughout the world with more prudent care for their environmental consequences…through fuller knowledge and wiser action, we can achieve for ourselves and our posterity a better life in an environment more in keeping with human needs and hopes.”

– Stockholm Declaration on the Environment 1972

Upcoming Events

Crop Stubble Burning: Challenges and the Way Forward

ELSAF in collaboration with IIT-Delhi

Celebrating Wildlife Week

Webinars, film screenings, discussion sessions and a wildlife photography competition

Air Quality Life Index

ELSAF in collaboration with IIT-Delhi and University of Chicago

Vision Statement

Scientists, engineers, lawyers, policy-makers and administrators, all need to work together to design policies and frameworks through which the environment is preserved and people’s well-being is ensured. Sustainable development is only possible through a holistic approach that bridges the law-science ‘gap’ and brings experts in the fields of environmental law and science together, in order to find solutions to complex environmental problems, and engage in an effective manner in the policy cycle.

Our Programs

Gaps between environmental law and science weaken environmental policy and decision-making, as well as the implementation of environmental norms. ELSAF’s research and policy-driven work brings these spheres of knowledge together to develop cutting-edge collaborations and programs at the law-science interface.

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