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Prof .(Dr.) Armin Rosencranz
Dean, Jindal School of Environment & Sustainability
A.B. (Princeton University); J.D.; M.A. and Ph.D. (Stanford University)

Dean’s Message

Welcome to the Jindal School of Environment and Sustainability. Environment and Sustainability is an evolving discipline that covers many aspects of our daily lives. A primary goal of the Jindal School of Environment and Sustainability is to offer undergraduate students a concentration in environmental studies with an opportunity to explore how humans interact with the environment, including physical, biological, philosophical, social and legal elements. This includes forests and other public spaces, land use, all forms of energy, climate change, air, water and toxic chemical pollution, wetlands and delta management, transport and transport fuels, sustainability, environmental crimes, biodiversity and wildlife protection, food security, urban environmental issues, natural resources conservation and management, corporate social responsibility, environmental justice, and norms of international environmental law and policy.

By attracting internationally qualified faculty members and pooling together interdisciplinary scholars under a single school, JSES is positioning itself as a producer of knowledge and shaper of careers in environment, climate change and energy.