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Integrated BBA (Hons.)+MBA

Course Start Date

12th September 2022
End Date
31 July 2027
5 Years

Programme Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 3.5 Lacs

Programme Introduction

The objective of the Integrated BBA (Hons.)+ MBA, 5 year Degree programme is to enable students to embark upon a management career after completing 10+2 level examination. The programme provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of business management and the opportunity to pursue chosen areas of specialization.

The design and delivery of this integrated program is innovative and unique. It will equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete successfully for challenging positions in industry, government, non-profit organizations and civil services. This programme will create excellent managers and also instill the spirit of entrepreneurship so that the students evolve into leaders and wealth creators in the years to come.

The Integrated BBA (Hons.)+ MBA programme at JGBS being one of the most rigorous in the country is designed to prepare students with a global management perspective through a unique pedagogy of learning and interaction among peers in a modular format. Activities like live projects, field assignments and simulation games will form an integral part of the programme.

Field work such as the India Dream Project, Business Internship and Team-Consulting Assignment will help achieve holistic learning and also provide for a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary business environment. Option for a Post Graduate Degree Abroad: In the fifth year, students have the option to enroll for 1-year MS Degree with a partner foreign university subject to the terms and conditions of the host university.

Why Study BBA (Hons.) at JGBS?

The five-year Integrated BBA (Hons.) + MBA programme at JGBS is geared to offer a comprehensive understanding of the basics of business management in order to nurture consummate managers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Its unique, rigorous, and innovative design and delivery framework equips students with the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to succeed in industry, government institutions, non-profit organizations, and civil services.

The Integrated BBA (Hons.) + MBA at JGBS helps students in making early career choices by reading foundational and business courses with unique selection of subjects offered across different semesters. The choice of electives offered in Integrated BBA (Hons.)+ MBA allows the student to explore multi-dimensional aspects of the modern management to meet industry expectations. The multidisciplinary approach plays an important role here. In the foundational courses spread across first four semesters, students study courses like psychology, history of world trade and commerce, sociology to mention a few. These courses are curated to learn the management profession from a broader approach. The electives offered include both the management specializations and cross-electives offered by other JGU schools. A student can explore a unique mix of subjects thereby creating a distinction for their individual profiles. The multiple internships throughout the course enables the students to experience the hands-on management application during the tenure of five years. The Research and Innovation Semester for Entrepreneurs allows students to put their ideas into a workable concept through a hands-on approach via StartUp JGU. The Integrated BBA (hons.) + MBA students learn how to work on a startup and gain worthwhile experiencing working with a team.

Through exclusive JGBS MOUs, the Integrated BBA (Hons.)+ MBA student can take advantage of acquiring an MS degree along with management degree from JGU. The dual degree programmes offered in fifth year through JGBS allows the student to choose from universities across different continents and earn an MS degree from the partner university. To enhance the international culture exposure, JGBS has exclusive MOUs for semester exchange and short immersion programmes also. This list includes institutions like Wharton, Harvard Business School, Kelly Business School to mention a few.