Collaborating to make legal education and research accessible to all!

At O.P. Jindal Global University students are continuously collaborating to INNOVATE and LEARN new things!

One such example is Sushruti Verma, a fourth-year student at the Jindal Global Law School (JGLS), O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU).

A sports enthusiast, a black belt Taekwondo player, and a movie geek, Sushruti recently with her friend Rahul Singh (Student, IIIT Delhi) has co-developed a google chrome extension called Indian Kanoon Citation which creates a citation for any case you open on Indian Kanoon.

For any law student or practitioner, searching for citation of judgments is a big headache and for Sushruti the problem was the same. It was during one of her work as a research associate with a professor at #JGU, that Sushruti recognized this lack of availability of citations and the challenge it brings to students. “Additionally, almost every law student I have worked with has absolutely hated making citations of case law. Both these situations over 3 years led me to approach Rahul and finally work on something that can help all,” shares Sushruti while talking about what led to her developing the extension.

While it is a bit uncommon for a law student to know about coding, Sushruti owes her love for coding to her father, who is a data systems professor. “Since I was fairly young, he enrolled me in computer science classes that went above and beyond the school syllabus. I lost touch in the middle, until I was the research associate for a professor at Jindal. The work was unreasonably robotic, and I wondered why there wasn’t software in place to make research easier for lawyers. That’s where the idea for the extension was born,” says Sushruti as she gets another notification of a new user of her extension.

While most of Sushruti’s college life was spent online, she believes that the opportunities at #JGU are endless. Four years ago, while taking admissions she had consulted a group of friends, seniors and family members for their review of JGLS and is proud of making this decision of choosing JGLS over anything else.

Her free time on campus, after classes is mostly spent on the basketball court. “My favourite thing is easily the people on campus. It’s so easy to approach new people and relax. Staying up all Saturday night for a Sunday breakfast has got to be the best way to spend time. I love how people here are united by their love for the sport. The vibe at any sports location during the evenings is truly magical,” shares Sushruti.

Sushruti’s eyes start sparkling as she introduces the extension, she is a firm believer of the fact that curiosity is the key to exploring new domains and enables people to look at a problem from others’ perspectives. Sushruti’s desire to discover new things is never-ending, together with her classmates she is trying to start a technology law society at JGU and Google Student Developer Club.

We wish her all the very best for her future endeavours.

Check out her extension here.

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