MA in Economics: Improve your employability prospects

If you pay heed, you will notice that one thing that is being discussed more than ever is the ‘economy’. It is being consecutively discussed, especially after being thwacked by the COVID-19 pandemic and its bewildering financial impacts. We have heard about it on television prime-time shows, in newspapers, in digital video stories, and nowadays, even on WhatsApp groups. However, it is way more than just economic news. Holistically, it dictates almost everything: employability, purchasing stocks and cryptocurrencies, inflation and deflation, production, flows of capital and individuals, and accessibility of goods and resources. 

Almost every sector today seeks to acquire the highest magnitude of economic growth. However, while traversing multiple aspects of the economy, one thing is visible. What is this? That there’s a long way to go. That these Indian sectors will take years of perseverance, commitment, gusto and endurance to reach sky-scraping growth. And for this change, India needs an excellent bunch of economic experts with transferable, team building and technical skills.

This is where a Master’s in Economics comes in. It is a two-year full-time programme that covers topics such as economic theories and laws, the history of economics, global economic policies, econometrics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, etc. And to your surprise, MA in Economics is one of the most-preferred courses today among Indian youth.

Okay. But what after that?

Today there is a mad rush to secure the most lucrative jobs, especially in business management. However, the high competition sometimes confuses young aspirants about where they should apply and how the job will benefit them. Moreover, the madness to obtain these job opportunities has surged the number of applicants, creating more confusion about whom to hire. So, ponder over what exactly you want to do. MA in Economics scope is extensive. You can prepare for higher-level exams, apply at your favourite MNC, work for charitable organizations, work with the government, build your business, etc.

Here’s a short prototype for those who want to prepare for government exams. “Those preparing for the Indian Economic Service (IES), jobs at the RBI, or specialist officers in economics for the banks need to have a grip on the latest syllabus being taught at good institutes,” says a Times of India report.

Right course at the right university

The MA in Economics – a two-year intensive course – at the Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP) has been created to impart young economists with a sharp understanding of traditional and non-traditional paradigms in this discipline. It creatively integrates orthodox and heterodox methods, offering students practical applications to resolve today’s economic-related problems.

The postgraduate course also ingrains students with the right knowledge and skills in demand in today’s competitive and unpredictable market. Once students are through the course, they can apply in multiple industries like public policy firms, consultancy organizations, non-profits, and government agencies at national, state, and local levels.

Unique aspects of MA in Economics at Jindal School of Government and Public Policy:

●      Students will acquire a magnificent understanding of traditional paradigms and will be able to use them to solve real problems in the professional world.

●      The MA Economics syllabus has been designed keeping the global perspective in mind. It will be taught by research-driven, internationally-qualified teachers and industry experts.

●      One of the key advantages of the postgraduate programme is that students get the option to write a research thesis under their supervisor.

●      Students will gain valuable insights into the discipline from O.P. Jindal Global University’s research-oriented milieu and on-campus research centres.

●      They will build management, business, entrepreneurship, communication, and leadership skills.

●      They will attain the right knowledge and skills to excel in distinctive roles and functions.

We live in a world where policies, business rules, and, most importantly, trends are changing like a switch. All of this is quite visible through media reports and social media tools. In such a situation, regularly updating is a must, especially in your study area. The Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP) understands this critical change well. It also understands that today’s students are highly innovative and curious and will not settle for less. Hence, it has partnered with international universities and policy think tanks to offer these students more comprehensive and versatile exposure to problems and solutions from a global perspective. Some famous collaborators are Julius Maximilians Universitat Wurzburg, Germany, University Of California, Berkeley, USA, Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APRRO), Comillas Pontificia Universidad, Spain, to name a few.

Credible universities always have something extra for students. It does not just reshape their minds theoretically and practically. It also cares about a student’s future. It cares about a student’s dream. Also, applying for a placement drive as part of your post graduation offers you “the double whammy” of working in the professional space. It can soar your employability and reinforce you to enter the lucrative job market. The Jindal School of Government and Public Policy has associated with some of the leading recruiting firms that will offer excellent job opportunities to young economists. These firms are UNDP, WHO, NITI Aayog, Centre for Policy Research, PRATHAM, Teach for India, Observer Research Foundation, CUTS-Jaipur Public Policy Division, Centre for Public Policy Research, Centre for Budget and Government Accountability and much more.

Nourish skills and knowledge

If the nitty-gritty of economics, math, and business management is something that excites you, MA in Economics is your go-to course. The postgraduate course will help you derive solutions to complex issues. It will give you a broader picture to scrutinize and extrapolate data and make estimations based on the latest trends. You will also be able to gather evidence and detailed insights based on your research. Not just that. You will also be able to understand society and social behaviour. And, the Jindal School of Government and Public Policy is the right educational space to do this. Your chance to delve deeper into the economy is here. Do not miss it. 

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