Guide to ace your JGU Interview

Have you been invited to give your JGU admissions interview, and are now feeling nervous? While many say that university interviews are nothing but a conversation to talk about oneself, we believe that the same can be daunting for many. The interview is not only going to decide the next few years of your life and what you study but will also influence and shape the career path you take.

But there is nothing to worry about, this article will act as a short guide for you as we have compiled suggestions and tips from faculty members and admissions office staff to help you ace that interview!

While many universities follow a traditional admissions process, at O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) we try to make every step of student admissions – very holistic and genuine. If you are preparing for your interview that means that you have started with your application process or even given your entrance examination (which can be LSAT/JSAT/JCAT or any other assessment test valid for the specific programme). The interviews at JGU don’t follow the traditional pattern of Q&A and are more of a discussion on the interests of the applicant. We believe that to master your interview, it is important to submit a good application form. In most interviews, the application form becomes the basis and the majority of the questions revolve around what you have filled up there.

The most important thing here is to be true to yourself, many things might sound good on paper but if they are incorrect, then it might give you a hard time during your interview. The key here is to put in the correct details so that when you are sitting in front of the interviewer, you feel confident about yourself and are able to answer all questions. Additionally, also remember that the form is a space where you have to give all details about your work, experience and interests.

Before the interview

  • Practice with someone: It’s always better to do a trial session with a family member, friend or teacher. This will help you build confidence and also help you identify areas where you need to work.
  • Read about the subject: Know all about recent developments, and key personalities.
  • Know your interest: While filling up the admissions form to reflect that you have some interest in the subject, your interviewer would like to know why/how is the interest inspiring you to make a career in the specific field.
  • Reread your Statement of Purpose (SOP): This might sound very obvious, but your SOP or any sought of assignment that you have submitted is the only reference document for the interviewer.

During the interview

  • Be on time: This reflects a lot on your seriousness towards the interview
  • Be Calm and Listen to all the questions carefully: Don’t be in a hurry to answer the questions. Being calm will you articulate yourself better and give your best shot

At the end of the interview, you might be asked if you have any questions. Try to have something prepared. Ask what graduates of the course went on to do afterwards. This will show that you are serious about studying, rather than just the experience of university.

At JGU, we make sure that the admissions are not based on numbers and take into account all aspects of a student’s life. It’s also important to make some notes after the interview – things you liked, things that didn’t go well, some surprises, etc. This will allow you to reflect on your performance and also prepare for any future interviews.

We hope these tips help you get through the interviews and start your college life at JGU, Good Luck!

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