Why should you pursue B.A. (Hons.) in Criminology and Criminal Justice?

Curious about deciphering the psychology of criminals? Have you ever wondered why we refer to our Indian justice system as ‘criminal justice system’ and not ‘victim justice system’? Have you ever pondered about why crime happens or what instigates a criminal to commit a particular crime or about the role of a forensic scientist in unraveling the mysteries and intricacies of crime?

Jindal Global Law School has introduced an unparalleled, unprecedented, and distinctive full-time honors programme in Criminology and Criminal Justice. B.A.(Hons.) in Criminology and Criminal Justice intends to broaden your horizons in understanding the psyche of offenders, causes of crimes, socio-economic aspects of crimes in the country, and in a lot of other aspects. The programme aims to provide the highest quality education in criminology and its various branches and allied and associated disciplines. After the successful completion of this course, one can explore the career options as a forensic scientist, criminologist, etc. and pursue further studies and explore advocacy, academia, policy-making, civil services, investigative journalism, and so on.

Criminology has a multidisciplinary composition. Beyond the clinical functions of criminology, this field also provides phenomenal service to criminal investigations. Relevant knowledge of social sciences and natural sciences is an intrinsic part of criminology. Out of the many disciplines, psychology is an extremely crucial constituent and contributor to criminology, e.g., subfields of psychology like experimental psychology, criminal psychology, psychoanalysis, and psychopathology have helped in studying criminal behavior, analysis of testimony, and in examining the social conditions pertaining to criminal and the crime. The multidisciplinary composition of criminology provides the discipline with the means and methods to examine crime, criminality, and the causes and effects of crime from every possible perspective.

B.A.(Hons.) in Criminology and Criminal Justice programme at Jindal Global Law School is equipped with the “work-based learning” course structure that will undoubtedly put you in a competitively advantageous position. Starting from fundamentals of Criminal Law to International Criminal Law, from Criminal Psychology to advanced Victimology and Penology, the programme intends to instill and train the students in various aspects related to criminology which would further strengthen their understanding of the work performed by criminologists.

Analyzing criminology and criminal justice would stimulate your mind to deliberate from the other perspectives as well; thereby having a balanced view of crime and criminals with respect to victims in the society. It will further help you to contemplate the underlying profound notions like why some people choose to break the law, why and how a criminal gets instigated, and how crime sheds darkness on society.

Apart from understanding the global perspective of crimes and the criminal justice system, this course provides the much-needed excitement that is inevitable for a graduate-level programme. The programme proposes to advance your criminological imagination by showcasing that crime and its control is a complex inter-relationship between the state, the criminal, the society, and the victim. The practical skills that one would acquire through this course would definitely be exhilarating.

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