Congratulations to the 29 JGU students who have successfully completed SECAP 2021: Social Entrepreneurship Challenge in the Asia Pacific (SECAP)

Students from 8 different schools of JGU actively participated in this first of its kind program! In total, nearly 100 students from 3 countries, Indonesia, India, and Australia, were chosen to participate and received academic course credit in each of their respective universities.  This two-week international innovation challenge and cross-university elective Continue Reading

“JGU promises you nothing but excellence, and it delivers every time you call upon its promise”: JSIA alum Sabyasachi Biswal shares a heartfelt account of his journey

Visually, through a brochure, O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) does appear to be a colourful utopia. Its humongous campus space, book-studded library, massive reading rooms, beaming tech-assisted classrooms, state of the art facilities, and the promise of an exceptional pedagogical technique does tend to overwhelm you, especially if you come Continue Reading

Embracing Diversity, Empowering Equality: Student-run society, Girl Up JGU, is budding as a powerful young voice for social change

In spite of constituting half of the world’s population, many women and girls across the world do not have access to equality, freedom and justice, as they fundamentally deserve. While there has been progress over the decades, there still remains a long road to go for global gender equality. In Continue Reading

JGU student & vegan climate change activist, Ayan Banerjee was named PETA India’s 2020 ‘Volunteer of the Year’

“What if I told you, you can save thousands of animals, reduce your carbon footprint and live healthy by just changing what you eat? You absolutely can!” says PETA India’s 2020 ‘volunteer of the year’ award winner and O.P. Jindal Global University student, Ayan Banerjee. Ayan, who is a first Continue Reading

Hear Me Too.

They say black lives matter but do they really care? Where is this concern when we’re butchered on temple stairs? For being who we are by the police we are battered, Two faced society, Have Dalit Lives never mattered? When it comes to us, they all seem blind. Such is Continue Reading

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