Re-inventing the ideas of collaboration, cooperation, and learnings at JGU

Meet Shubham Singh, Student, M.A. Diplomacy, Law, and Business (M.A.DLB), Batch of 2022, Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA).

Reflecting on his journey at JGU, and receiving one of the highest salary packages during campus placement, Shubham shares his story – “Back in September in 2020, I joined JGU, the decision to do so was backed by a personal quest to equip myself with the skillsets necessary to understand the world of international relations along with a hope to interact with fellow students as well as faculties who represented multitudes of personality, vigour, interests, backgrounds, and academic journeys.

As remarkable as it was, battling the pandemic, and a constant quest between electives and semesters, we – the students, faculties, and adjoining staffs made sure, the process of educating ourselves must continue amidst many difficulties, albeit through virtual mediums.

JSIA allowed me to navigate through different set of electives giving me an ample space to discover the various facets of International Affairs as the course itself suggests the tri-components of Diplomacy, Law & Business. I exercised full discretion while choosing the list of electives carefully between different set of clusters and managed to grasp the essentials of Economics and Foreign Policy, Defence and National Security Studies and Human Rights & International Development. Additionally, the course being research oriented, and research driven pushed me into analysis, reading and writing for which I benefit in today and would do in my future endeavours.

Professor Haseeb has supported us with his insights on diplomacy, CSR, and International Law, Professor Mohan helped us understand the complex pieces of Indian Foreign Policy. At one hand, while I learnt the intricacies of Intelligence Research by Prof. Dr Shishir Upadhyay, I tried to combine his lectures on Maritime strategy with the deliberations upon National Security and Military Strategy by Prof. Maj. Gen. A K Singh. I also took courses offered by Prof. Priyanka Chandra to understand the complexities of the West Asia which in combination with a course on International Migration by Prof. Sugandha Nagpal, and International Development by Prof. Dr Kena Wani allowed me to develop a holistic canvas of humanitarian crisis fuelled by unstable economy and destabilizing politics.
All in all, if not without the hand in hand guidance of Prof. Shivani, who through her watchful eyes made me stick to the grit of quality research, to whom I stand utmost grateful.

Nevertheless, I also interacted and participated in co-curricular activities, all through virtual mediums, which meant a consistent effort by students to re-invent the ideas of collaboration, cooperation, and learnings.

JSIA’s facilitation of internship opportunities in record number of institutions and organizations helped me filter out some meaningful engagements with multiple projects. I joined International Solar Alliance as an International Relations and Protocol Intern. Further I had a very memorable experience with LPAI, MHA where I first-hand conducted and collated research on Indo- Nepal international border trade, with the support of multiple departments and officials of Govt. Of India and of Nepal. The reason I could swim across multiple challenges posed by these commitments was the nature of education provided by JSIA.

It was indeed a dedicated effort of the Team OCS (Office of Career Services), Hemlata ma’am and Vaishali ma’am who were always there to push us for realizing our true interest areas, that I managed to bag these opportunities in the first place.

At last, for all the right and obvious reasons, I must thank and salute the friends and affiliations, the bonds which kept me grounded, affectionate, curious, and steady, that through tough times, we all emerged victorious, in our own ways and shapes, and embark on a new journey in life, the difference that we aspire to make in the world, through work and smiles, I will always cherish the two years of MADLB, JSIA, and tell the stories, that, YESS, we did it, we did miss the warmth and presence of the campus, but indeed – we did it!”

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