Bachelor of Architecture Course: Magnify the art and the artist in you

“Imagining and conceptualizing spaces fascinated me. Whenever I drew something, I wondered what it would look like in a three-dimensional space.”

This is a sweet testimony of a young architect who, after stating this, asserted Architecture was his thing since childhood. Yet, the very statement gives us explicit imagery. The imagery of flamboyant walls, delicate furniture, glittery lights, and much more comes into the ambit of imagination. It also tells us: that architecture is not just about constructing top-notch buildings. It is a piece of art that comes from within. The discipline gives creative minds a different perspective to explore what can be done and what can be done differently.

Aspirants wishing to build a career in architecture must think beyond high designations and pay roles. Instead, the task must be to draw and create spaces passionately. First, they should work on the craft and then look at the profession’s benefits. As far as monetary benefits are concerned, students should not worry about job entitlements and pay scales. If you pursue architecture at the right and prestigious university, you will get decent placement opportunities and other monetary benefits. They do not have to take the onus of building contacts or cramming industry requirements or needs. Their talent is enough!

Your educational institute is your temple.

A good architecture varsity or school trains students on a holistic understanding. It does not only restrict to theory. But more of practical and experiential learning. So, from the beginning of a design to get implemented to the completion of the project, they receive diligent attention. Here, they learn ideal techniques of planning, executing, designing, organizing, and maintaining structures with a lot of enriched aesthetic sense. Well, that’s a perfect definition of an architecture school.

According to a report by Indian Today, “The architecture institutes educate students on every aspect of realizing a project- from the initial intangible stages of site analysis, project conception and design proposition to relevant tangibles of materializing the project through construction details and techniques.”

Architecture: A growing profession

With the exponential expansion of growing technologies and the steadfast evolution of newly-emerging professions, architecture has proved to be a fruitful choice for today’s young talent. Also, many students in the country are exploring creative spaces in the field of aesthetics, visual and liberal arts. From using their innovative ideas to fully utilizing their problem-solving approaches, they have left no stone unturned to produce limitless possibilities in designing spaces- houses, workplaces, academic institutes, public parks, factories, cinema halls, and sports complexes, to name a few.

The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on the Indian economy, and the aftermath – economic recession – has hampered many business practices. But, according to research, individuals have transformed themselves as per the new normal and are working hard on trends to bounce back and secure the future. The study claims architecture companies must also focus on a fresher financial and business approach rather than adhering to predominant protocols. Hence, the profession calls for analytical and super creative minds to unfold the new challenges post COVID-19, 2022.

An academic space built on trust

Architecture is undoubtedly growing as a profession. However, not many good universities or schools offer quality education in this complex subject. India still needs to gear up to educate scores of young students who are aesthetically rich. One university that has taken note of this is O.P. Global Jindal University. Its Jindal School of Art & Architecture is India’s first interdisciplinary school of the built environment. The school offers a bachelor of architecture course – a five-year programme – to students who love the art of creating “a little differently.”

Jindal School of Art & Architecture offers an excellent learning experience to students who create aesthetically rich spaces using an academic milieu that is highly rigorous, inter-disciplinary, creative, and fresh. And for your information, the school follows a globally accepted world-class academia and is fostered by an acclaimed bunch of acclaimed faculty members.

It also allows architecture students to participate in learning experiences working with the city’s various identities. It teaches students how a city can be treated like a workshop, working on ground, and a field to explore and experiment.

The uniqueness of Jindal School of Art and Architecture:

  • Access to digital centres: Students will get world-class access to well-equipped workstations, 3-d printers, printer-scanner, plotters, DSLR cameras, and wide-angle and telephoto lenses for creating and producing their work. They will also explore the profession by learning multiple software like Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk, Bentley Suite, ArcGIS, and ENVI.
  • Construction yard and lab: Architecture students will learn about multiple typologies and construction techniques. They will also get the hang of machine equipment and software to design structural systems most creatively.
  • Environmental-based research lab: Young talent will ingrain insights about several materials, their fortes, weaknesses, and their areas of specializations. They will explore and experiment with both innate and artificial resources. These resources could be soil, wood, sand, timber, cement, or brick, to name a few.
  • Access to fabrication labs: One of the most beneficial aspects of studying at Jindal School of Art & Architecture is that students here will inculcate skills to work with numerous materials and turn their imagery ideas into reality – physical form. The school allows students to turn abstraction into sheer existence by mindfully using their creative minds. Very few varsities in India do that, despite the growth of practical learning in today’s Indian education system. Students at the architecture school will be guided to work with a twist with hand-held and fixated fabrication tools. How? By using these along with 3D software.

For more details like B.Arch course details, kindly visit the official website of Jindal School of Art and Architecture.

It is time to explore the artist in you. Make that one childhood dream real. Design it using your ideas at the most creative academic space, Jindal School of Art and Architecture.

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