Popular Career Options for BBA Students Aspiring to Make their Careers in Law

Not everyone has the same dream. Some students choose to work right after completing their undergraduate programme, while others wish to pursue higher education. Everyone wants to secure their future and desires to achieve heights in their career. But the only difference is in their choices.

Additionally, BBA graduates who want to go for higher degree courses struggle a lot while choosing the right career option for themselves. Finding a rewarding job for BBA graduates has become quite a task. Therefore, most students today prefer LLB after BBA or are more inclined towards opting for integrated BBA LLB courses to have a well-established career path.

Law Courses After BBA

LLB after BBA incorporates the components of management and law. Additionally, law courses after management are considered an effective option for management students to enhance their management skills. Therefore, pursuing an LLB after BBA enables you to build a strong career in law.

If a student is interested in creating a career in law, judiciary, rights, etc., pursuing the three-year Bachelor’s degree in law can surely be a lucrative career option. After LLB admissions, students will study and go to the regular hypothesis classes, temporary positions, disputable courts, etc. Students will also study criminal law, constitutional and administrative law, the law of torts, equity and trusts, EU law, etc.

The programme aims at imparting legal management studies with practical knowledge to provide students with précised learning and working experience. Moreover, the basic eligibility criteria for an LLB Admission requires a candidate to possess a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 45% aggregate marks from any recognised institution. Some institutes also take in students with a mandatory score secured by them in the law entrance exams.

Moreover, the BBA degree enables students to learn and adapt handily to the areas of law that promotes a rigid vocation in the law field. In addition, the law is one of the most flourishing areas to be pursued after BBA as the LLB course centers around administration with working experience in the law field.

Here are some popular law specialisations that students can choose according to their interests during the LLB admission.

  • Organization Law
  • Business Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Law

BBA LLB: Most Sought After Course Today

BBA LLB is a unique and interdisciplinary programme that has emerged enormously in the last decade in response to the industry’s rapidly changing trends. The integrated BBA LLB degree is a five-year course that provides an in-depth knowledge of commerce and business management, with complex details of law and governance. BBA LLB programme imparts valuable insights into both domains, i.e., management of business functions, including finance, human resource management, marketing, international business, and the legal policy and framework, including corporate laws in the areas of banking, corporate governance, investment, insurance, competition and acquisitions & mergers, etc. Therefore, the integrated law course facilitates a truly interdisciplinary approach to learning law.

Additionally, the combination of managerial and law education builds fine professional capabilities in students, including analytical thinking, good communication, critical analysis, presentation skills, hands-on research, interpersonal capabilities, problem-solving skills, etc. Since the law is not a distinct and stand-alone entity of knowledge, it affects and is affected by several other disciplines and professions in many ways. Consequently, the BBA LLB programme is designed to put forward the best from both domains, creating an extensive understanding of the corporate world where managerial and legal concepts work in parallel. Along with this, social responsibility, intellectual autonomy and practical experience play a vital role.

Skills You Will Develop While Pursuing The BBA LLB Programme

THE BBA LLB course focuses on creating a learning environment that encourages students’ managerial and entrepreneurial skills and a sense of social and global responsibility. Besides that, in-depth know-how and the ability to provide solutions to legal issues. The programme also equips students with the tools, skills, and practical experience to successfully manage, communicate and lead in today’s highly competitive and interconnected world.

Furthermore, the programme also prepares you for both the management and law sectors. Pursuing such a programme is always a win-win proposal for a student as the degree makes a student much more valuable to corporate houses and businesses. In fact, most of the biggest giants today prefer professionals with dual degrees rather than just an LLB.

Scope of BBA LLB Course

The scope of BBA LLB keeps multiplying for the students who keep themselves well-informed with the latest developments in the legal and management domain.

In India, every day, a new start-up venture opens up, bringing in not just the innovation in their products and services but also distinctive risks and customer value plans. As a result, these start-ups open up numerous employment and business opportunities to the professionals who can implement the knowledge of both the domains, i.e., business and law, to provide relatable solutions. Additionally, the programme also enables you to keep all your potential career options unharmed till the very end and choose your areas of proficiency in either of the domains.

Moreover, studying LLB after BBA or BBA LLB enables the students to enhance their skills vital to survive and excel in the Law field. These skills include managing self and others, diagnosing the environment, demonstrating authentic and ethical leadership,  improving interpersonal skills, winning clients and bagging big deals, etc., which helps one become the highly desired lawyer.

Hence, students who complete their law degrees from a renowned university come across abundant employment opportunities in administration, management, planning, banking, and the industrial sector, apart from the legal profession and judiciary. In addition, Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) imparts a world-class five-year integrated Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Laws (BBA LL.B. (Hons.)) Programme. The programme is structured according to the latest Bar Council of India rules and the University Grants Commission directions and aims to foster a rich culture of scholarship and academic excellence amongst the students.

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