Seeking Success Everywhere He Goes—A conversation with JSIA grad Irchard Mahomed

Part of the charm of studying at a global university is that you become global. From discovering new things to exploring diverse perspectives, living in a different place, gaining life experiences and making friends from all over the world; you open up and embrace ‘global’ in every way possible. At least that’s how it all happened for Irchard Mahomed at O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU). For Irchard, it was an immense opportunity to give and take and grow in every way.

His teachers and peers at Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA), where he did his MA in Diplomacy, Law, and Business, were a constant inspiration, shares Irchard. In fact, with support from the then Director of the International Office at JGU, Mr. Aman Shah, the Mozambique national offered Portuguese language classes to his fellow students, faculty, and staff at JGU. Already a popular face on campus, this exciting gig made him all the more amiable. Talking about Professor and Dean of JSIA, Dr. Sreeram Sundar Chaulia, who guided his dissertation, Irchard says, “He expected nothing less than high-quality work and, as a mentor, provided extensive support and guidance.”

Professional and personal learning went hand-in-hand during his time at JGU. Irchard came to realise the importance of pursuing interests close to his heart with complete passion. “JGU exposed me to a whole new world of possibilities,” he says with a smile. Putting to good use the opportunities that came his way, Irchard is now making a name for himself in academia.

Irchard works as a lecturer at Instituto Superior de Relações Internacionais (ISRI), where he teaches Energy Diplomacy and Security, and International Relations Theory. In the past three years, he has also worked as a part-time faculty member at Instituto Superior de Comunicação e Imagem de Moçambique (ISCIM) where he taught Public Relations and Negotiations.

Since then, while following his academic career, he has also pursued interests that have led to personal growth. He has received training from different institutes on a number of subjects including Maritime Security (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso in Chile, and Instituto Superior de RelaçõesInternacionais), Psychopedagogy (Pedagogical University Foundation), and Sukuk – Shariah and Operational Aspects (Islamic Research and Training Institute, Islamic Development Bank, and Higher Institute of Communication of Mozambique).

Recently, Irchard represented the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Maputo International Trade Fair. He has also founded the Academia de InvestigaçãoMarítima, Energética e International, a private institution dedicated to research, consulting, and publishing in international affairs, and maritime and energy studies. A journal on international affairs and maritime and energy studies is also in the pipeline. Moving ever-onward in every direction possible is Irchard’s guiding mantra; something he picked up at JGU. A multidisciplinary backdrop can have that effect on students, who learn to keep their eyes peeled for opportunities and challenges. Irchard doesn’t want to limit his achievements and growth to one area. So, when one chapter settles, he’s quick to start the next in his on-going story of success. University experience has left an indelible mark on him—and not surprisingly, he can’t wait to start the JGU alumni chapter in Mozambique, which is home to 35 JGU alumni.

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