Student Life

Student life at JSLH is a holistic experience that combines a number of extracurricular activities with classroom study. Many of the initiatives are proudly and actively led by the Student Council of JSLH in consultation with the Student Council of JGU. The council organizes many cultural and recreational activities.

JSLH Student Council 2020-2021

President: Jastika Sabharwal

Vice President: Rahul Tekchandani

Cultural Secretary: Mudita Motwani

2018 Batch Representatives: Mahika Singhmar, Devanshi Narang

2019 Class Representatives: Gaurika Singh, Shreeya Bhayana,
Rajeshwari Roy Chowdhury, R.G. Phriyadarshiny

2020 Class Representatives: To be elected

Officer Emeritus:Madhav Nanda


JSLH Student Academic Committee

2018 Representatives:  Sharnitha Kartikeyan, Mansi Daga

2019 Representatives:   To be selected


JSLH Peer Tutoring Program

Head Tutors: Emtili Aier, Sharnitha Kartikeyan


Student-Run JSLH Events:

Diwali Party     

Halloween Party     

Senior Batch Farewell

Open Mic Nights

Movie Nights

Student vs Faculty Sports:          

Cricket, football, badminton, etc.

An escape into free space, providing a respite from the binaries, divisions, and contradictions of daily life. Holistic debates and discussions with a wide spectrum of viewpoints.