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Post Graduate Diploma in Research & Innovation (JFP)

Course Start Date

1th August 2023
End Date
31 July 2024
1 Years

Programme Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 5 Lacs

Post Graduate Diploma in Research & Innovation (JFP)

Programme Curriculum: Post Graduate Diploma in Research & Innovation (JFP)

1st Year

Semester 1 (16 Credits)

  • Advanced Writing (4 Credits): The intensive and immersive writing programme encourages students to consider their written work in their embedded environment; one that is constituted through many historical, cultural and political determinants but is mediated through different forms of technology.
  • Advanced Research Methods (4 Credits): This course will examine ways of integrating disciplines with a methodology that is both academically and socially relevant.
  • Introduction to Future Studies (4 Credits):This interdisciplinary course attempts to compose probable futures by discovering, debating and (re)constructing assumptions and patterns of change and stability of systems.
  • Advanced study (4 Credits each):Students choose one or two advanced level courses in their area of interest. *
  • Optional Language Study– Available options include Spanish, French, German and Mandarin.

Semester 2 (14 Credits)

  • Internship (8 Credits): Each student will do an internship from January- April in an organisation, institute, or with an individual that coincides with the student’s area of interest, career and study goals.
  • Advanced Research Report (6 Credits):

*  The following Advanced Courses are on offer for the students of P.G. Diploma in Research and Innovation:

  • Technology & Innovation in Global Business
  • Global Economy
  • Psychology of Courtroom
  • Positive Psychology: The Science of Flourishing
  • Biological Psychology
  • Family Business Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Strategies for Emerging Markets
  • Urbanisation & Development: Practice, Theory & Policy
  • Ancient Civilisation: Egypt, Mesopotamia & Greece
  • Competency Mapping
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Globalisation of Education
  • Behavioural Economics & Finance
  • RISE
  • Derivatives & Risk Management
  • Statistical Programming with R
  • Application of Psychology to Enhance Human Potential
  • Organisation Development & Management of Change
  • Apocalypse Now: Fictions of Dystopia.