JSLH, as a leading institution for liberal arts education in India, incorporates a capacious variety of arts and humanities subjects as well as foundational Indian teachings in a unique B.A. (Hons.) programme. In the form of a core-elective pairing, students will develop the ability to formulate and test arguments. They will develop reflective thinking habits and interdisciplinary knowledge beyond any one set of skills. In the initial semesters, students will engage in the core curriculum of the liberal arts and humanities and their diverse relations and applications. In addition to continuing the core, students will apply themselves to a central subject leading to a concentration in their preferred choice. After completing their studies at JSLH the students will be able to pursue a major at Rollins College or complete year three at O.P. Jindal Global (Institution of Eminence Deemed To Be University). 


The B.A. (Hons.) degree requires the completion of 109 credits. This comprises fourteen core courses in Year one alongside two internships. Year two involves six core courses in semester one, alongside one elective and internship with semester two requiring two electives, one concentration for the intended major, and a project or thesis before Rollins students depart for the USA. For those that remain for Year three, the ID seminar, two concentrations for major, elective and internship complete semester one. The final semester involves two electives, electronic portfolio and the production of a thesis (straddling both semesters of year three). 


The core courses (History, Politics, Sociology/Anthropology, Economics, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Performing/Fine Arts, Inter-disciplinary Seminar) provide a comprehensive foundation in arts and humanities study while the compulsory writing course teaches precision, elegance and creativity in writing. Students select their concentration from one of the approved liberal arts offerings. We seek ambitious students of a high academic calibre who require our world-class facilities and international faculty to nurture their intellectual/expressive growth as engaged global citizens. 


Our desired student will mix analytical concentration, self- reflective judgment, expressive imagination, tenacity and fearlessness in the face of intellectual risk. The faculty is ambitious on your behalf: we seek to challenge you, guide you and (above all) support you in your journey towards self-actualization and knowledge formation. 


Education in the JSLH is globally-informed and inter-disciplinary and the student we seek to produce will be nourished by this combination of domestic and international study, capable of availing a plethora of job opportunities for liberal arts degree in India. We draw on the realities of historical inheritance as a tool to understand the complexity of a mutable present. The implementation of interdisciplinary strategies is required for multi-faceted global problems. Students will have an opportunity to choose electives from various schools within the university. Thus, by taking from the widest purview of humanities and related subjects, we link past and present in a creative dialogue of evolving evaluative applicability. The result of this pioneering global education will be an analytical, scholarly and imaginative individual nurtured in the habits of democratic citizenship.