Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons.)

Start Date
01 August 2021

End Date
31 July 2025

4 Years

Program Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 4.5 Lacs

Internships & Career Opportunities

An internship is a mentored work experience with an educational focus. Students are required to intern with various organisations as part of the BFA (Hons.) training.

Where can you intern?

  • Art Galleries
  • Art Museums
  • Art Archives
  • Art Fairs
  • Prominent Artists’ Studios
  • Art Restoration Centers
  • Art Events like Biennales, Triennials etc.


What comes after BFA?

Art education develops a unique set of skills that are rare to find in other disciplines and are highly sought after in different fields: creativity, innovation, imagination, problem solving, improvisation, critical thinking. Accordingly, there are varied career options that a BFA graduate can pursue. While our BFA (Hons.) is designed to educate and train visual artists, we encourage our students to explore additional forms of practice. Here are some of the options you can pursue.

  • Freelance Studio Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Gallery Artist
  • Creative Designer
  • Art Historian
  • Art Acquisition Specialist
  • Curator
  • Gallery Assistant
  • Community Artist
  • Theatre Set Designer