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Internships and Placements

Liberal Arts graduates can look forward to a variety of possibilities for their futures and are well-equipped to pursue any career in a rapidly changing world. Graduates from such programmes are heavily sought by employers. They have strong critical and creative thinking skills and are effective communicators. Our holistic, interdisciplinary programme equips students to see and think from multiple perspectives. They are adaptable and comfortable with ambiguity and complexity.


Our graduates can look for prospective careers in advertising, design, journalism, publishing, corporate communications, non-government organisations, the corporate sector, performing arts, public relations and more.


To equip students with these abilities, we organise several guest lectures by eminent industry leaders, career development workshops, two annual events: Jindal International Education Fair and Jindal Internship Fair.


We encourage students to intern during the summer and winter breaks. Students are required to undertake 2 mandatory corporate internships over their course at JSLH. The roles offered to our Liberal Arts students include but are not limited to: Research & content development, Project management, Designing & Social media management, marketing and human resources in various sectors like media, history and arts, CSR, research and tech to name a few.

Top organizations in Summer 2020 included: