Ideas Travel Faster Than Light

An exchange between students of Liberal Arts at Jindal Global University and Print at the Royal College of Art (London) curated by Jasone Miranda-Bilbao

The project consists of an invitation to a group of students from Jindal Global University and the Royal College of Art to propose ideas for new artworks. These ideas were then exchanged between the two institutions, forming a basis for art making and intercultural interpretation.

Amalia Flarakou-Flari, Amanda Steward, Anika Ebby, Aradhita Maheshwari, Alex Beeston, Bovuan Wu, Diya Sharma, Diyou Yu, Emile Meyn, Harriet Tinney, Ho – Ching Wong, Ira Sinha, Jianze Zhao, Kiran Mungekar, Kunj Chowla, Lakshmi Saruha Kilaru, Medhavi Bhatia, Meghana Priya Vasudevan, Mitali Sandheti, Muskan Agarwal, Muskan Manish Tibrewala, Nikhita Thevannoor, Oishika Sen, Olivia Wells, Poojitha Lara Palakriti, Ruoqi Wu, Sanika Rajpure, Sara Varady, Shrividhya Sadagopan, Tanisha Lamichhane, Tanya Arora, Tarini Haldule, Wei Wang, Xingtong Zhang, Yiran Guo



Poojitha Lara Palakirti | Transcendence

Watercolour paint, moving image, sound

In response to prompt by Sara Varady (Read More)

Xintong Zhang | A door, a chair and a person

Stop motion video, iphone 7 plus, 2:35 minutes

In response to prompt by Sanika Rajpure  (Read More)

Jianze Zhao | Rope skipping

Mixed media, 27mmx40mm

In response to prompt by Ira Sinha  (Read More)

Diya Sharma | Holding onto memories

Video, 3:05 minutes

In response to prompt by Diyou Yu (Read More) 

Amalia Flarakou-Flari | Fluid Reflections

Digital Print, 1.5x1meter

In response to prompt by Medhavi Bhatia (Read More)

Medhavi Bhatia | Manila Rope

Video, 1:40 minutes

In response to prompt by Amalia Flarakou-Flari (

Diyou Yu | The moments ‘I’ am away from myself

HD video, 2 minutes

In response to prompt by Diya Sharma (Read More)

Nikhita Thevannoor | Vallichedi

Digital photographs, 8” x 10” 

The work is a series of photographs taken in Alleppey and Kochi, two cities in Kerala, to showcase the ruin of early British attempts at industrialisation. The text as well as the images serve as a reminder that the cycle of ruin and rebirth exists, and there is little we can do to stop it.

In response to prompt by Emilie Meyn (Read More)

Ira Sinha | Fuse

Digital image, 1500 x 1174 mm

In response to prompt by Jianze Zhao (

Aradhita Maheshwari | Weeds

3 Digital prints, 12×16 inches each

In response to prompt by Xintong Zhang (Read More)

Alex Beeston | The Rights

Digital image, Size variable

My society must stand for the rights of the iconoclast to remove and replace images of resistance without question. Keeping the framework of the rationalist at the essence of the emancipation that travels within our synapsis, we replace nothing but our fear, for the fear and wonder that must succeed.

In response to prompt by Tanya Arora (Read More)

Kunj Chowla | Libidinal camouflage

5 digital prints, 7×5 inches each

In response to prompt by Boyuan Wu (Read More)


Media video, 23 seconds

In response to prompt by Kunj Chowla (Read More) 

Meghana Priya Vasudevan | Dissociative Psych(e)

Video, 1:18 minutes. Background track ‘Magnifique’ by Ratatat

In response to prompt by Alex Beeston (Read More) 

Tarini Haldule 

In response to prompt by Yiran Guo (Read More) 

Mitali Sancheti | Memory

Charcoal drawing, 559×762 mm 


5 sheets of paper size A5, soft pastels, photograph

559×762 mm

In response to prompt by Lakshmi Saruha Kilaru (Read More)

Muskan Agarwal | Paper Dreams

Gift Box, Cardboard box, Chart paper, Acrylic Paint

In response to prompt by Harriet Tinney (Read More)

Oishika Sen |Fish Out Of The Water

Acrylic on canvas, 20 cm x 20 cm


Acrylic on canvas, 24 cm x 18 cm

I decided to go with the psychedelic-space theme of both photos that were sent to me by Amanda Stewart after being inspired by David Bowie’s music during the eras of Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane.

In response to prompt by Mandi Steward (Read More) 

Mandi Stewart | Feeling Fear

Video and photographic images, duration 40secs

In response to prompt by Oishika Sen (Read More)

Shrividhya Sadagopan | Unexplored mess

Oil paint on canvas, 8×10 inches

In response to prompt by Ho-Ching Wong (Read More) 

Jeanie Wong | We stand alone and apart

Gouache and colour pencil on paper, 33.5 x 30.5 cm 

In response to prompt by Shrividhya Sadagopan (Read More) 

Kiran Mungekar | Shield I

Watercolour paint, ink, dried leaves, bandage. 22 x 30 inches each, edition of 10

Shield II.

Mixed media on cotton fabric. 8 x 30 inches, unique drawing

In response to prompt by Yiran Guo (Read More) 

Yiran Guo | I am everywhere

Fabric (flags on different settings), 50cm x 70cm

In response to prompt by Kiran Mungekar  (Read More)

Tanya Arora | Silver lining

Cloth, acrylic paint, pomp-pomps made with thread, room with mirror, size of the installation variable

In response to prompt by Alex Beeston (Read More) 

Emilie Meyn | Impressions

Monoprints, 29.7 x 42 cm

In response to prompt by Nikhita Thevannoor (Read More)

Harriet Tinney |  Overwhelmed

Digital image, 29.7 cm x 14 cm

Air Filled

Digital image, 21cm x 14 cm

Not very far from there

Digital image, 21.5 cm x 14.3 cm

In response to prompt by Muskan Agarwal (Read More)

Lakshmi Saruha Kilaru | Yellow confessions


In response to prompt by Mitali Sancheti (Read More)

Sanika Rajpure | Dispositional Tendency

Acrylic paint and found leaves, 22 x 30 inches

In response to prompt by Xintong Zhang (Read More)

Muskan Manish Tibrewala | The song in the cup

2 HD videos on 2 screens facing each other, duration 20 seconds on loop

In response to prompt by Ruoqi Wu (Read More)

Ruoqi Wu | Where is the way

Digital, 3d modelling, 15×15 cm 

In response to prompt by Muskan Manish Tibrewala (Read More)

Wei Wang | Future portrait, 1000 years from now

Photography (ceramic sculpture), 7x7cm

In response to prompt by Tanisha Lamichhane (Read More)

Olivia Wells | Perspective

Painting and Digital Print, 100 x 150 cm 

In response to prompt by Anika Ebby (Read More)

Anika Ebby | embrace

Still images and audio recording, duration 1 minute

In response to prompt by Olivia Wells (Read More)

IDEAS TRAVEL FASTER THAN LIGHT was initiated by Jasone Miranda-Bilbao. It began in 2015 with an invitation to nine artists working in Spain, UK and the US to write instructions for new works and nine artists based in India to produce them according to their interpretation. The resulting artworks were exhibited at the NIV Art Centre (Delhi). The second edition, co-curated by Jasone Miranda-Bilbao in collaboration with Clair Joy, took place in September 2020. This time ten artists from India were invited to propose ideas for new works and ten artists from the UK were invited to make them. The works were exhibited at the Mecklenburg Square Garden Project (London).

This third edition at Jindal Global University and Royal College of Art travels in two directions at once. Students of Liberal Arts and Print have swapped texts and images and used them as invocations for new artworks. The exchange has culminated in online and offline exhibitions that include the work of 35 students in total. The online exhibition can be accessed via Instagram@ideastravelfasterthanlight where the artworks are presented in the context of previous editions of faster than light. The offline exhibition has being delayed due to the current health crises and it will take place in Delhi and London as soon as the situation allows.

IDEAS TRAVEL FASTER THAN LIGHT facilitates the transporting of ideas from one place to another while extending them and re-contextualizing them in a new context. The process of writing ideas for new artworks in one place then making them in another, roots their origin in-between locations while activating a chain of events that embodies them of a history and a life-after. This has a strong sociological element since from the moment an artwork is transported from one country to another, mediated and re-interpreted by a different mindset, questions of intention and interpretation come to the surface. It is also an emotional journey. The works become emotional merchandise that instigates an exchange of emotions and languages of expression. Their life is outside any one person’s control.


Dr. Jasone Miranda-Bilbao is an artist that lives and works between London and New Delhi (www.jasonemirandabilbao)