P.G. Diploma in Research and Innovation (Jindal Fellowship Programme)

Start Date
01 August 2021

End Date
31 July 2022

1 Years

Program Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 5 Lacs


Here is the indicative list of electives for P.G. Diploma in Research and Innovation (Jindal Fellowship Programme). The electives may change every semester, so that students can continue to explore a wide gamut of study.

  • Blood and Antiquities and Archaeopolitic
  • From Sculpture to Installation: The Poetics of Objects and Space
  • Open Studio 1: Introduction to Visual Arts
  • The Static and the Moving Image: New art practices in a Digital Age
  • Critical Concepts in Peace and Security
  • The History and Archeology of the Ancient World
  • Open Studio 2: Introduction to Visual Arts
  • Image and Thought: Art History from Renaissance to Modernism
  • Rethinking Friendship
  • Transformative Actions in Public Space: Exploring Contemporary Theatre & Performance
  • Thinking about the field
  • Ancient Civilisations: Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece
  • Society, Environment and Climate Change
  • Food and Water Security
  • Mysticism: East and West
  • Believe, Obey, Fight: European Right-Wing Regimes and the second World War
  • Culture, Power, History: Key Texts in Sociology and Anthropology
  • The Politics of Development
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • Primer on GIS and Basic Spatial Analysis
  • Can we be Moral: The debate between choice and chance
  • Philosophical Approaches to the Mind
  • Islam in South Asia – History and Politics
  • Feminist Classics: East and West
  • Culture, Ecology and Politics
  • Harry Potter: Texts, Films and Culture
  • China’s Foreign Policy
  • Nationalism and integration in 20th century Europe