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Dean’s Message

Kathleen Modrowski
Professor and Dean, JSLH

Dean’s Message

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities (JSLH).

As a student in a liberal arts programme you become an intellectual explorer. The dictionary definition of “explorer” is “…somebody who travels to distant or unfamiliar places to find out more about them.” This is a fairly accurate description of a liberal arts education. As a student in this school of liberal arts and humanities, you can now embark on that journey and ask challenging questions, find out what really matters to you, learn about the world as it is and imagine the world as you think it ought to be.

Foundational courses, such as mathematics, history, sociology, expressive and creative arts, literature, languages and writing, are firmly anchored in the liberal arts tradition. Each of these courses will engage you in the practices of inquiry and contemplation, which are the tools necessary for the creation of new knowledge and learning.

Teaching methods of liberal education foster self-knowledge and empower the individual to deal with the complexity of our globalized world. These methods include critical thinking, creative problem-solving, community engagement and appreciation of diversity, which are embedded in the curriculum and will allow you to become engaged global citizens.


Your years of studies at JSLH will go by very quickly and you will soon find yourself progressing in JSLH, or pursuing a study abroad programme with Rollins College, one of the top ranking liberal arts colleges in United States. At Rollins College you will be able to pursue your majors further and explore career possibilities in real-world settings through internships and service leaning. While still in India you will have numerous opportunities to meet Rollins faculty, staff and students when they visitour Sonipat campus in the coming months. Our exciting third-year syllabi for students completing their degree in JSLH offers much room to develop your interests and aptitudes.


Beyond the obligations to family and self, you are entrusted with setting the stage for subsequent classes of entering JSLH students. You will engage with the vibrant learning community of students, faculty and staff at the four schools on the JGU campus. You will establish a rapport with the genial JSLH faculty, who hope to learn from you as you learn from them. And you will explore the campus and the surrounding area for places of relaxation, creativity and amusement. The experiences you will have and paths of learning you walk will be a legacy to the next class of students.


Good luck and safe travels in this voyage of mind, heart and spirit.