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Dr. Dhritiman Gupta

Assistant Professor

B.A. (Jadavpur University);
M.A. (Delhi School of Economics, Delhi);
M.E. (Toulouse School of Economics, France);

Ph.D. (Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi)

Dhritiman Gupta completed his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Jadavpur University. He obtained his Master of Arts in economics from the Delhi School of Economics. He obtained a second Masters degree in economics from the Toulouse School of Economics. He received his PhD in Economics from the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi. He is trained as a game theorist, who works in theoretical and applied Microeconomics. The subdiscipline of Microeconomics he specializes in is called Contest Theory, which essentially analyzes situations of conflict. He also works in the sub-fields of Public Economics and Industrial Organization. 


He has wide experience in teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Previously he has taught at Shiv Nadar University and TERI School of Advanced Studies. He has taught courses on Microeconomics, Game Theory, Contract Theory, Mathematical Methods in Economics, Statistics and Probability Theory. At JSGP he has taught Microeconomics, Game Theory and Statistics. Currently is teaching a newly designed course in Behavioral Economics at the graduate level.