About Us

Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP) is engaging with the contemporary policy environment, which demands new imaginations, new methodologies and even a revitalised ethics

JSGP aims to promote research that facilitates a better understanding of issues relating to governance and public policy. The programmes that JSGP offers bear in mind the contribution that the faculty and the students can make towards meeting the challenges of governance and improving the efficiency of government in India while drawing upon comparative and international perspectives.

JSGP intends to promote inter-disciplinary studies and joint teaching and research programmes in partnership with the schools of Law, Business, International Affairs, Liberal Arts & Humanities.


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JSGP is a research-driven school and is dedicated to generate ideas

JSGP has a wide range of contacts in India and abroad

JSGP offers a well-rounded education to students and exposes them to the field in both rural and urban contexts and actual institutional settings. JSGP regularly invites academicians, activists, senior officials, politicians, NGO-workers, policymakers from the UN and other international organizations to deliver lectures and interact with students and faculties.


Jindal School of Public Policy (JSGP) envisions equipping its students to become public policy practitioners, capable of constructively shaping public policies to contribute to overall human development, empower marginalised and disadvantaged groups, and eliminate poverty.  Students will have the capability to synthesise academic knowledge from the social sciences to serve public policy purposes. JSGP faculty will engage in theoretical and applied social science research to analyse and improve governance and public policy. They will use their theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to develop a multidisciplinary pedagogy. JSGP students will create, expand and assimilate knowledge to become future leaders, transcending disciplinary silos. JSGP students will have the capacity to contribute to global discourses and the practice of public policy directed towards the well-being of people and the planet.

Curriculum of international standard

Exposure to the latest research trends

Strong emphasis on quantitative and qualitative research skills

Research-active and internationally trained faculty

International student and faculty exchange programmes

Globally networked career development and placement division