Shambhavi Agrawal

Shambhavi Agrawal

Lecturer, JGLS

B.Tech. (UPTU);

Ph.D. (ABD) (IIM Kozhikode)

Shambhavi holds a B. Tech. in computer science. She worked as a software engineer at TCS. Currently, she is awaiting defense and viva for her Ph.D. dissertation in the area of strategic management which she is pursuing from IIM Kozhikode. She has been working as a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship for over a year now. She also has experience working with social enterprises and NGOs as well as social innovation ecosystem enablers.

Her motivation to promote social impact led her to deeply explore the phenomenon of social innovation during her Ph.D. journey. Her research and teaching interests include strategy, sustainability, knowledge management, change management, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and innovation. She is also keenly interested in qualitative research and conceptual as well as philosophical underpinnings of various constructs and phenomena. The other boundary areas that she keeps up with are psychology, sociology, and anthropology.

She keeps herself updated with current research and frontier happenings by regularly attending national and international conferences and presenting her work in those forums. She has a few publications and is striving to publish a lot more of her work. She was invited as the leader of tomorrow for the prestigious St. Gallen symposium in 2017. She has delivered talks and workshops on social and rural entrepreneurship and innovation and design thinking. She enjoys consulting businesses and social initiatives in their short-term and long-term problems.

In the classroom, she makes the audience think, reflect and be mindful of their actions. She believes in providing a fair and safe environment for her audience and conforms to the principle of mutual learning.

Shambhavi lives life on the edge. She enjoys reading, writing, and painting in her leisure. Mysteries of the cosmos, life beyond, and the secrets of life and death intrigue her.