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Start Date

1 August 2023
End Date
31 July 2026
3 Years

Programme Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 6 Lacs



Students are offered a number of elective courses from their third year of study. These courses are often interdisciplinary, involving elements of law as well as other disciplines in social science and management. Successful completion of electives will lead to the awarding of credits, which are ascertained per elective, based on the number of instructional hours. For example, a three credit course will have at least three hours of classroom lectures per week and one or more hours of tutorial instruction per week.

Further, a number of elective courses at the various schools of the University are open for cross-registration. For example, a student of the Jindal School of International Affairs may opt for a course on International Humanitarian Law offered by the Jindal Global Law School. List of Elective courses for JGLS as follows:

• International Aviation Law
• Law, Lawyers and Justice in American Movies
• Politics and Non-Violence
• Law and Practice in United Nations
• International Criminal Law
• Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ethics
• Music and Copyrights
• Competitive Dimensions of Mergers & Acquisitions in India
• Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) And Competition Law
• Utopias and Dystopias in Our Times
• Environmental Protection Law
• Natural Resource Law
• International Settlement of Disputes
• International Humanitarian Law in Theory and Practice
• Sports Law and Governance
• Intersections of Law, Business and Human Rights
• Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
• Capital Market
• A Practitioner’s Approach to Competition Law in India
• Reconfiguring Corporate Laws: Emotion and Ethic in the Corporate Realm
• Constitutional Law in India and China
• Lawyering For Change and its Practice in China
• Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration
• Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration
• Rural Governance
• Human Rights Clinic
• Securities Regulation
• Global South And International Law
• International Commercial Arbitration
• International Taxation and Tax Treaties
• Indirect Taxation & Goods and Services Tax
• Law of the Sea
• International Criminal Court
• Understanding the EU Structure of Informational Privacy
• Building a Global Consensus through EU GDPR: An Assessment of Data Privacy Legislations in Asia (India, China, Philippines and Thailand)
• Law, Development and Public Policy
• The Constitutions before the Constitution of Independent India
• Dispute Settlement in the World Trade Organization
• Ancient Wisdom for Modern Management and Legal Professionals
• Fundamentals of Competition Law
• Competition Law in Digital Market
• Gender War and Peace: An Introduction to Feminist Approaches
• Foundations of Post- COVID Global Constitutionalism and The Anthropocene Law and Jurisprudence.
• Understanding Regulation
• The European Convention on Human Rights
• Access to Justice
• Law and Religion
• Knowing and Doing Real World Economics
• CSR, Development and Global Governance
• Advanced Tort Law
• Data, Platforms and the Digital Economy : An E.U. Competition Law Perspective
• Critical Psychology of Law
• Media and the Law
• Law & Literature
• Hawks, doves and the use of military force in International Law
• Borderlands: looking at India from the margins, c. 1820s – c.1960s
• Modern Religious Formations and the Indian Secular
• Indian Feminist Judgments Project
• Post-Hegemonic International Relations
• Commercial Contract Drafting
• Law’s Art and Art’s Law: Legal Aesthetics, Architecture and Visual Culture
• Playing with Spirit, Playing with Law: Cricket and the Meaning of Life in India
• Sounds And Silences Of Law In Art: Identity, Activism & Accessibility
• Citizenship and Statelessness
• Advanced Corporate Law – A Practitioner’s Guide
• Project Finance
• Colonialism, Semicolonialism and International Law
• Harry Potter and the Power of Imagination
• A History of the Modern World in Ten Films
• Double Tax Treaties after the base Erosion and Profit Shifting
• A Bigger Toolbox, for Maximum Lawyering
• The 360° Commercial Contracts Clinic – Contract Drafting, Reviewing and Negotiating (CDRN)
• Caste, Law and Representation
• International Environmental Law
• Comparative Insolvency Law
• Comparative ‘Celebrity’ Laws: Personality, Publicity and Free Speech
• International Law of Outer Space
• Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Ledger Technologies
• Taking Space Seriously: Sexual Justice and Right to the City
• Insurance Law and Practice
• Understanding China
• Insolvency Law
• Privacy and New Technologies – The EU Paradigm
• Understanding Northeast India
• Comparative Constitutional Adjudication
• Detective/Crime Fiction and the Politics of Race
• Ethics of Capitalism: Exploring Property and Contracts
• The Intersection of Insolvency and Arbitration
• Parenthood:
• Theories of Legal Interpretation
• Queering Kinship, Family, Intimate Relationships in Law, Theory and Practice
• Conflicts of Law
• Environmental Humanities and Climate Emergency
• Climate Crisis and Sustainability: The Scientific and Planetary View
• Law and Morality
• “Chimes of Freedom”: A Radical History of the Modern Self
• Investor-State Arbitration
• International Law of Disputed Territories
• Introduction to Principles of GST
• Legal and Social Entrepreneurship

Note: These courses are subject to availability of faculty and may change from time to time.