Karan Kataria

Karan Kataria

Assistant Director, Admissions & Outreach and Assistant Lecturer

BBA LL.B. (NorthCap University);

LL.M. (The London School of Economics and Political Science)

Karan Kataria is Assistant Director of Admission and Outreach and an Assistant Lecturer at Jindal Global Law School. During his LL.B. degree, he achieved the highest honours as the batch topper and recipient of the prestigious Dean’s List Scholarship. Karan pursued his interest in learning further by pursuing his LL.M. from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where he also served as the LL.M. cohort’s academic representative. He did not stop there; as a delegate to the National Union of Students in the United Kingdom, he became a voice for student welfare.

Karan is deeply committed to social justice and has held positions such as President of the Legal Aid Cell and an active participant in LSE Pro Bono Matters. His unwavering commitment to advocating for the marginalised and underprivileged prompted him to co-found the Pukaar Foundation, which collaborates closely with District Legal Services authorities to effect positive change. Karan’s outstanding pro bono contributions have been recognised by the District Legal Services Authorities in Ambala and Gurgaon.

Furthermore, Karan is a strong supporter of sustainable development, focusing his efforts on SDG 4 (Quality Education). His work and research on access to education in Indian Villages earned him the position of Global Action Ambassador for the UN SDGs in 2020. Karan actively promotes youth engagement and international collaboration in his role as the Outreach Head for Y20, the official youth group of the G20 in the United Kingdom. Karan Kataria’s multifaceted journey has left an indelible mark on academia, pro bono advocacy, and sustainable development, leveraging his knowledge and passion to drive positive change.

Indo-Pacific Dialogue, House of Commons, Parliament of UK (2022)

  • G20 and Pressing Issues for World, The London School of Economics and Political Science (2022)
  • Economic Youth Forum (2021)
  • India Singapore Mediation Summit (2021)
  • The Fund for American Studies Seminar on Global Political Economy (2020)
  • Global Goals Summit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2020)
  • Annual Conference of Indian Society of International Law (2020)
  • Workshop on Bio-Laws organised by UNDP, GEF, NLSIU and NCU (2019)
  • International workshop on Socio-Legal Research organised by CNLU, Northumbria University and Cardiff Law University, United Kingdom(2019)
  • Outlining Futuristic Perspective and Analysing the Efficiency of ADR in Construction Industry, CPJ Law Journal, Vol XII January 2022 (listed in UGC Care)
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  • Agencies Involved in Investigating and Controlling Corruption: An Analysis, Haryana Police Journal, Vol III 2020