Curriculum and Interdisciplinary Courses

JGLS has created the opportunity for its students to pursue global legal education through a curriculum and pedagogy that best reflects the study of international law, comparative law and foreign law along with domestic law

Faculty and the Intellectual Environment

The faculty members of JGLS are outstanding scholars and practitioners recruited from around the world representing diversified legal systems, social backgrounds, and national cultures.

Research and Knowledge Creation

JGLS has established over 25 Research Centres that aim to generate a global network of minds bent on solving leading legal and policy questions in key areas, like Global Corporate and Financial Law and Policy etc

Mooting and Advocacy

JGLS has a vibrant and active mooting culture. The Moot Court Society (MCS) is a student led initiative, which works hand in hand with the administration for planning, training and executing its activities.

Global Language Centre

JGLS offers a range of opportunities for its students to pursue the study of several foreign languages on campus. The first Taiwan Education Centre (TEC) in India was established at the JGU in 2011. The student of JGLS can avail the services of the English Language Centre to improve their skills related to English language.

Global Library and Legal Resource Centre

JGLS has one of the best libraries in Asia. The Global Library and the Legal Resource Centre at JGLS is an inspiring institutional imagination that combines divergent intellectual spaces within the library setting for reading, reflection and research.

Conferences, Seminars and Public Lectures

JGLS is active in hosting conferences, seminars and public lectures on some of the most important issues related to law, society and business. These conferences are led by faculty initiatives under the aegis of the various research centres.

International Student Exchange Programmes

JGLS has established international collaborations with law schools around the world, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Michigan, Cornell, UC Berkeley. Each year, eligible students to spend a semester at Universities across the globe.