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Centre for International Investment and Trade Laws

The Centre for International Investment and Trade Laws (CIITL), formerly known as the Centre for International Trade and Economic Laws, is a research Centre at the Jindal Global Law School. The vision of the Centre is to promote research, writing, and dialogue on international economic law, with a special emphasis on international investment and trade laws. As an emerging major power in the world, India not only needs to build a capacity in the area of international economic laws but also conduct research that may lead to better policy outcomes.

In this regard, the Centre will further research by initiating research projects on relevant and contemporary issues in these areas, as well as creating a regular and continuous working paper series. To further research collaboration and outreach, the Centre will be organizing regular conferences and workshops on various aspects of international economic law and undertake several capacity-building workshops/events. The Centre aims to work with several stakeholders such as law firms, researchers, academicians, civil society, and the industry.

Current Projects

Joint Research Project on “Sustainability Indicator” for International Investment Agreements with Macquarie University

To accelerate economic growth, States enter into International Investment Agreements for the purpose of attracting foreign investors. At times the sustainability of these investments becomes challenging owing to issues like inequality, human rights abuses, and environmental pollution. To address these impending issues, researchers at the Centre for Environmental Law (CEL) of Macquarie University and Centre for International Investment and Trade Law (CIITL) of Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) of OP Jindal Global University are collaborating to develop a “sustainability indicator” that may be applied to assess the sustainability of international investment agreements. The project will apply the sustainability indicator to all investment agreements (i.e., bilateral investment treaties and investment chapters in free trade agreements) negotiated by India and then develop concrete recommendations to the Indian government to balance often competing objectives of investor protection and encourage responsible investor conduct.

The Centre promotes discussion, research and scholarship in the field of international investment and trade laws

Exploratory Workshop on ‘Sustainability of Investment Agreements: Case of India’ (5 November 2022)

On November 5, 2022, CIITL, in collaboration with Macquarie Law School, Macquarie University, organised a one-day exploratory workshop on ‘Sustainability of Investment Agreements: Case of India’. The workshop saw the participation of various stakeholders from the government, academia, law firms, and the industry. Mr. Dammu Ravi, Secretary (Economic Relations), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, delivered the key-note address. Professor Surya Deva from Macquarie University spoke about the project.

Other speakers included, Mr. Pranav Kumar (Reliance Industries); Professor James Nedumpara (Centre for International Trade and Investment Laws, IIFT); Mr. Tamal Mandal (Luthra and Luthra Law Offices); Ms Fereshte Sethna (DMD Advocates); Dr. Daniel Mathew (National Law University Delhi); Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma (Faculty of Law, Delhi University); Ms. Ramya Raman (P&A Law Offices); Mr. George Pothan (Ministry of External Affairs); and Mr. Madhav Mallya (Jindal Global Law School).