Dr. Neha Mishra

Dr. Neha Mishra

Associate Professor & Associate Dean

M.A.; LL.B. (University of Delhi);

LL.M.; Ph.D. (NLSIU, Bangalore)

Dr. Neha Mishra is Associate Professor & Associate Dean (Scholarships) in Jindal Global Law School, OP Jindal Global University. She was awarded both her PhD degree and LLM from National Law School of India University, Bengaluru; she did her LL.B. from Faculty of Law, Delhi University as well as M.A. and B.A. from Hindu College and DCAC from DU respectively. Neha has been a Visiting Fellow, School of Social Work, Michigan State University, 2016 and invited speaker Panelist at Global Conference, Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute, Washington University in St.Louis, 2015. She has also been a Faculty Trainer for Police officers and Prosecutors in institutes like Central Academy of Police Training at Bhopal and Police Training School at Gwalior and has been conducting workshops training on issues of Investigation, Trafficking, Women and Child rights. She has actively provided guest/visiting and training lectures for various on-ground programmes by Non-profits including NCPCR led initiatives; she has also provided advisory opinion as Member, All India Committee formed by ABAP for Suggestions regarding Decriminalization to Government of India.

She is one of the leading researchers on Colorism in India and has been cited and interviewed in many countries including Germany, France, USA, Africa and India by prestigious publications and news agencies including TIME magazine, BBC UK, France 24, DW Germany, TOI, documentary features like Bhedh, E TV among few. Her full articles have been published by The Huff Post, US; The Wire, The Asia Times, Washington Global Studies Review, American Behavioural Scientist, Sage Journals and Penguin Publication etc. She has also authored invited articles in journals and received Best Researcher Education Award, 2016, by Indus Foundation. Her research interest area is Human Rights Law; Intersection of Marginalization and Law; Gender Studies, Child rights and Colorism.

Prior to joining JGLS, Neha was working in the capacity of Director, School of Legal Studies, REVA University, Bengaluru and has been teaching for 6 years in various law schools of repute. Enrolled as an Advocate in Delhi Bar Council in 2009, she has previously worked as a Legal counsel in reputed law firm / office, represented matters and has been part of reported judgments till she took academia full time.

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