Debosmita Choudhuri

Debosmita Choudhuri, Assistant Lecturer, JGLS

Debosmita Choudhuri

Assistant Lecturer – JGLS

Degree in Corporate/Commercial Law from London School of Economics

Debosmita’s journey commenced with a humble spark – a deep-rooted passion for justice coupled with a penchant for academic excellence. After graduating with the University Gold Medal, she embarked on a path seamlessly blending human rights advocacy, commercial law proficiency, and a dedication to public service.

As an undergraduate law student working with the National Human Rights Commission of India (NHRC), she learned the ropes of protecting people’s fundamental rights. NHRC awarded her the Best National Research Paper award for her insightful writing and research on the impact of the pandemic on the orphaned children residing in state-funded orphanages in India, a testament to her dedication.

Driven by a growing fascination with the complex world of business and law, Debosmita’s next stop was the Competition Commission of India. Here, she dove headfirst into the fascinating world of FinTech mergers, analysing their potential impact and leading a team to unravel the intricacies involved.

Her ideas caught the attention of the Ministry of External Affairs (Government of India), where she was handpicked from a pool of over ten thousand applicants. This incredible opportunity saw her leading an investigation into the shadowy “Hawala Network,” a money laundering operation operating across borders. By combining her legal expertise with clever data analysis, Debosmita helped the Bangladesh-Myanmar Division develop strategies to combat this illegal activity.

Debosmita sought experience through a judicial clerkship and time at Khaitan and Co. These diverse experiences solidified her decision to pursue a specialized degree in Corporate/Commercial Law, leading her to the prestigious London School of Economics. At LSE, she actively participated in discussions about social issues, even serving on a panel at the House of Commons (Parliament of the United Kingdom) to share her thoughts on human rights for immigrants.

With each step, Debosmita continues to learn and strives to leave an indelible mark on the legal profession and beyond.