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Center for Constitutional Law Studies

The Centre for Constitutional Law Studies (CCLS) aims to become a destination for scholars and public intellectuals from a variety of regional and disciplinary bases (CCLS@JGLS). CCLS is dedicated to leading research in persistent and contemporary issues in public law, with a particular focus on constitutional and administrative law, and political and legal theory.

The Center seeks to initiate a dialogue and develop expertise in using different methodologies and interdisciplinary skills (from academic areas such as political philosophy, history, and economics) to improve the quality of research output when undertaking comparative or empirical analysis of public law issues. To this end, the Center specifically wishes to establish collaborations with other academic institutions; and scholars working in these fields, as well as with members of government; policy-makers; legal professionals and non-governmental organisations, both locally and globally.

The Centre’s work will focus on the following objectives:
  • Organising conferences, panel discussions and guest lectures: related to and engaging with emerging doctrinal public law issues; projects for constitutional theory building and developing methodological rigour; and explorations into interdisciplinary approaches to public law questions in areas such as constitutional history; judicial reasoning; and empirical judicial studies;
  • Providing a forum for external scholars, both local and global, to present and develop their research and scholarship on issues of mutual interest, in order for the Jindal Law School community to benefit from and engage with ongoing debates and dialogue on innovative approaches to contemporary issues in public law and theory;
  • Providing a forum for Jindal faculty and students to present and develop works-in-progress, which can draw on interdisciplinary insights and are theoretically rigorous — and which can help to focus international attention on Indian Constitutional Law scholarship;
  • Developing a specialized comparative research hub/cluster: such a cluster can focus on issues of South Asian constitutionalism or more broadly, on issues on “constitutionalism of the global south.”  
  • Bringing out a Policy Paper series: to explore policy implications of various constitutional doctrines; case law and issues such as the special status of Kashmir and its subsequent abrogation; the judicial selection process; intersection of gender justice and public law, South Asian constitutionalism; migration of constitutional ideas.

15th September 2023:

  • The Center organised a panel discussion on the university campus on the topic “Exploring Pendency in Lower Courts using Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence”, wherein the researchers employed BDA and AI models on a data set that comprises 79 million cases that were filed before lower courts between 2010 and 2018 to identify key factors that contribute to delay and pendency in lower courts.
  • The presenters were Prof. (Dr.) Mohit Bhatnagar, Associate Professor (JGBS) and Prof. (Dr.) Shivaraj Huchhanavar, Assistant Professor (JGLS) and the discussants for the event were the members of CCLS- Prof. Sarbani Sen, Prof. Nidhi Sharma, Prof. Suprita Acharya, and Prof. Sahibnoor Singh Sidhu.

26th September 2023

  • A Constitutional Law Student Symposium (Fall 2023) was organised by the Center in the Big Bang Conference Room with the objective to provide a platform for students, who are working on research papers in the field of constitutional law, to present their ideas and thoughts and to develop them further through constructive feedback and academic contributions from faculty members of JGLS

31st October 2023

  • Book Discussion was organised by Prof. Mathew John’s book on India’s Communal Constitution – Law, Religion, and the Making of a People. Set against the overwhelmingly liberal design of the Indian Constitution, the book speaks to the debates on law, constitution, and the contested terrain of political identity in modern India.

4th November 2023

  • A Distinguished Guest Lecture was delivered by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Aniruddha Bose, Judge, Supreme Court of India on “Constitutionalism in the Contemporary World”. The lecture was delivered by Justice Bose on the university campus and focused on the intersectionality of constitutionalism and democracy, especially in jurisdictions without a written constitution.

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