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B.A. (Hons.) Legal Studies

Start Date

1 August 2023
End Date
31 July 2026
3 Years
Last Date to Apply

Programme Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 3.5 Lacs

B.A. (Hons.) Legal Studies

Course Structure

This programme aims to nurture legal imagination among young students and build a strong foundation to study law and social sciences in the future or be absorbed into legal and allied fields. This programme will be the first ever multi-disciplinary undergraduate degree in legal studies to be launched in 2020-21 academic year.

The B.A. (Hons.) Legal Studies Curriculum at JGLS consists of compulsory and elective courses of maximum one semester’s strength. The compulsory courses are designed to ensure that every student gains a sufficient grounding in the fundamental branches of the law, as well as satisfying applicable requirements for admission to practice; the elective courses provide an opportunity to develop particular interests and to deepen understanding.

Courses (Total Credits 148)

Key: CC = Core Course (4 credits of teaching + 2 credits of debate/advocacy tutorial); AECC = Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course; SEC = Skill Enhancement Course; DSE = Elective: Discipline Specific; GE = Elective: Generic (compulsory)

Course Curriculum

1st Year

Semester 1

  • Introduction to Logic [AECC 4 credits]
  • Legal English [AECC 4 credits]
  • Introduction to World’s Legal Systems [CC 4+2 credits]
  1. Political and Legal Thought [CC 4 +2 credits]

Semester 2

  • History of Courts, Legislature and Legal Profession in India [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Legal Research and Methodology [CC 4 +2 credits]
  • Economic Theory [AECC 4 credits]
  • Theory & Practice of Contracts in India [GE 4 credits]
  • Introduction to the Constitution of India [CC 4+2 credits]

2nd Year

Semester 3

  • Criminal Justice System in India [CC 4+2 credits]
  • International Law and Relations [CC 4 credits]
  • Gender and Society [SEC 4 credits]
  • Commercial Transactions [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Conflict of Laws [GE 4+2 credits]

Semester 4

  • Constitutional Theory [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Foundations of Human Rights [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Corporate Governance in India [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Administrative Framework in India  [SEC 4 credits]
  • Legal Protection of Environment [GE 4+2 credits]

3rd Year

Semester 5

  • Cross Border Trade and Investment [CC 4+2 credits]
  • Financial Market Regulation [CC 4+2 credits]
  • JGLS Elective I [DSE 4+2 credits]
  • JGLS Elective II [DSE 4+2 credits]

Semester 6

  • Advanced Legal Writing [GE 4+2 credits]
  • Regulation of Technology and the Cyber Space [CC 4+2 credits]
  • JGLS Elective III [DSE 4+2 credits]
  • JGLS Elective IV [DSE 4+2 credits]

Note: These courses and the semesters in which they are taught may be subject to change from time to time