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B.A. (Hons.) Gender Studies

Start Date

30 Sept 2022
End Date
31 July 2025

Programme Fee (Yearly)

3.5 Lacs

Important Notice


In the light of the decision of the Government of India to cancel the XII Board Examination (CBSE) and similar decisions taken by other Boards, O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) will admit students for the academic year 2021-22 on the basis of the performance in the relevant entrance examination. 

All students admitted to undergraduate programmes at JGU should have successfully completed their XII standard and should submit the Transcripts as and when it is provided to them by their respective Boards.

Introduction to B.A. (Hons.) Gender Studies

The vision of JGU is to promote global courses, global programmes, global curriculum, global research, global collaborations, and global interaction through a global faculty. In the academic year 2022-23, JGLS is launching B.A. (Hons.) Gender Studies. This specific undergraduate programme aims to create knowledgeable professionals, sensitive individuals and responsible citizens who understand and respect the role of gender in society. These new interdisciplinary programmes are in line with the vision and imagination of O.P. Jindal Global University and towards fulfilling its commitment to the institutional mission, “A Private University Promoting Public Service” .

Gender Studies as a discipline has gained immense prominence in contemporary times. The story starts with the fall of modernity and the rise of the new social order as many otherwise relevant social considerations became liberated from the subversion of totalitarian narratives. They suddenly found a renewal and relevance, especially in liberal democratic societies where liberty and individualism were the highest social values. Of the many such considerations, gender was one, as it is the primary constituent of human social identity.

The rise of gender consciousness helped gender advance from being a biological determinant, as sex is, to a subject matter of organized inquiries. This advancement prompted serious reflections and inquiries on the social practices of gender; historical gender inequalities; critique of gender binaries, “otherness” and intersectionality; and the role of gender in postmodern socialization. The newly gained epistemological characteristics led to the systematization of such inquiries into the disciplinary category, “Gender Studies”.

Today, the systematic inquiries of Gender Studies help understand the many social and historical contexts in the interplay of genders, gender inequalities and fight for equality, impact and relevance of social movements on gender, gender practices in various forms of societies, and the role of gender in social and cultural production. Gender Studies uses historical and analytical approaches, deconstructive techniques, and critical methods. It draws insights on many disciplines in social sciences, arts, literature, and humanities, providing its outputs to every socially oriented discipline for enhancing inclusion, diversity, and participation of genders.

B.A. (Hons) in Gender Studies offers the degree programme motivated by the commitment to its motto of providing public service and invests faith in the educational and professional potential of Gender Studies. The approach of JGLS is to develop progressive-minded citizens who uphold the core value of gender equality, leading the nation to a future that is inclusive and equitable.

Why Study B.A. (Hons.) Gender Studies at Jindal Global Law School?

The intellectual diversity, rigor, and discourse of Gender Studies, while providing an epistemological consciousness and sprit of inquiry among students, sensitizes them about gender issues in society which further help in engendering respect for gender equality and gender identities. The pedagogic tools of Gender Studies motivate students to perform gender identities through gendered and cross-gendered roles such that not only they obtain a self-identification with one’s own gender but also an identification with the identities and experiences of other genders. Such empathies will help them not only to lead better lives but also help society understand the role of gender in human biological and social existence, e.g., breaking social stereotypes which perpetuate oppression of one gender by the other; re-discover and improve human social relationships in love, sex, reproduction, and care; and re-organize the configurations of power in gendered relations.

Apart from the above said enabling qualities and perspectives, Gender Studies also has a professional orientation. It imparts skills in intersectional communication, inter-linking and cross-linking gendered subjects and communities, production and dissemination of gender-based research outputs, counselling and mentoring, prevention of gender-based violence, campaigning and fundraising, building accountability frameworks, and gender sensitization among social clusters and communities.