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B.A. (Hons.) Gender Studies

Start Date

1 August 2022
End Date
31 July 2025

Programme Fee (Yearly)

3.5 Lacs

B.A. (Hons.) Gender Studies

Introduction to B.A. (Hons.) Gender Studies

Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) is now offering the 3 years Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies (B.A. (Hons.) in Gender Studies) programme. The programme is designed in keeping with the latest University Grants Commission prescriptions and aims at fostering a culture of scholarship and academic excellence amongst the students. Gender Studies as a discipline has gained immense prominence in contemporary times. The systematic inquiries of Gender Studies help understand the many social and historical contexts in the interplay of genders, gender inequalities and fight for equality, impact and relevance of social movements on gender, gender practices in various forms of societies, and the role of gender in social and cultural production. The intellectual diversity, rigor, and discourse of Gender Studies, while providing an epistemological consciousness and sprit of inquiry among students, sensitize them about gender issues in society which further help in engendering respect for gender equality and gender identities.

Why Study B.A. (Hons.) Gender Studies at Jindal Global Law School?

This specialized course uses historical and analytical approaches, deconstructive techniques, and critical methods. It draws insights on many disciplines in social sciences, arts, literature, and humanities, providing its outputs to every socially oriented discipline for enhancing inclusion, diversity, and participation of genders.

  • The students study foundational courses and get an opportunity to explore their interests via elective courses and independent research projects.
  • They can explore various career options through mandatory internships with Gender Communities, Think Tanks, International Organizations, Policymaking Bodies, Cause Lawyers, Response Teams, etc.  
  • The internships and Jindal Global Law School curriculum give them a broader understanding of the Gender Studies discipline and allow them to envisage diverse career paths (including higher studies).
  • At the end of the programme, a student of B.A. (Hons.) in Gender Studies will be able to perform gender identities through gendered and cross-gendered roles such that not only they obtain a self-identification with one’s own gender but also an identification with the identities and experiences of other genders.