About the Conference

For the first time in our living memory, we are dealing with a health crisis, unparalleled in magnitude and devastation. The crisis caused by COVID-19 has affected all aspects of our lives. The pandemic has deeply impacted the imagination of and practices in global legal education. Besieged by numerous challenges, law school leadership is prompted to reimagine its ways and means in order to balance the interests of various stakeholders. 

Ten months since the outbreak of COVID-19, unfortunately, we are still in the midst of the pandemic, surrounded by innumerable questions about the future trajectories of legal education, globally. The pandemic continues to trample normal life in its monstrous gait such that that the return to the normal is a faint possibility. As much as the pandemic can dampen our spirits; it also reawakens a renewalist spirt in us, prompting us to find creative solutions and novel ideas, making the way forward. There is a need for law schools to shed the comforts of the past and espouse newer imaginations and radial ideas. Only such revolutionary openness to ideas and rapid responses to challenges can help legal education to overcome the crisis. It is beyond doubt that time calls for daring and extraordinary experiments. 

The Conference aims to bring together law school deans, distinguished professors, legal educators, lawyers and judges from India and from different regions of the world to deliberate on some of the key global issues in the form of 30 thematic sessions over three days.