The journey from Student to Faculty: Raunaq Jaiswal

The LLM program at the Centre for Postgraduate Legal Studies was one of the best experiences of my life. The curriculum creates a fertile environment for research and is designed to train the students in methodological thinking, and coupled with a low student-teacher ratio ensures that everyone’s research ideas get attention and feedback, and the ideas get space to grow and evolve. Joining the LL.M programme proved to be the proverbial first step of the journey of a thousand leagues. The role and influence of each and every one of my academic mentors here has been tremendous in whittling my decisions and it is ineffable to define the magnitude of change it has brought to the way I think and read the law. The attention to detail afforded to each one of us during and after classes was and still is tremendous, and is incomparable to anything I have witnessed so far. From the first day itself, I felt mesmerized by the sheer intensity of the thought provoking discussions.

The joy of ‘discovering’ something new daily is a pleasure in itself. The barrage of ideas each class greeted me with can never be appreciated well enough. This experience was far different from the dread of attending classes I had at my other academic institutions. From the classrooms to fortnightly meetings, the individual attention has helped me iron some of the flaws in my research work. The classroom discussions also helped me rediscover the passion to read and write things outside the law. It is said that to give shape to a piece of stone is simple. But to add specific details to the stone, so that it resembles a sculpture requires a sculptor.

It is my belief that in the short span of one year, the Professors at JGU have managed to turn the stone into something definitive and gave me a solid foundation for my professional career.

In 2020 I began a new chapter at JGU, this time as a faculty member. I teach with the aim of imparting the methods of wit and patience that I was fortunate to learn from my teachers and hope to encourage students to reach scale new heights and find the best versions of themselves.

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