Why is BBA LL.B. Hons Best Choice for Students Passionate about Legal Studies?

Business firms need to act according to strict laws and regulations to maintain order and healthy competition in this immensely competitive corporate world. As a result, organisations have to face unique risks and customer value propositions while introducing any product or service to the market. Therefore, a company needs strict policies to deal with the present scenario, including employees, management, competitors, stakeholders, employers, and customers. Hence, every company tremendously looks for professionals with a combined knowledge of business and law to use their expertise in both areas to determine potential risks for their businesses and frame policies for abiding by the country’s legal framework.

Concluding to this significant demand, law education has undergone a remarkable revolution, resulting in integrated law courses like BBA LL.B. (Hons.) The 5-year integrated BBA LL.B. (Hons.) programme imparts an in-depth study of business administration and professional law. BBA LL.B. (Hons.) course enables aspirants to develop an analytical mindset to understand the interrelationship between management and law. This programme is designed to meet the demands of modern industrial and corporate trends.

The 5-year integrated BBA LL.B. (Hons.) course curriculum is interdisciplinary and incorporates distinct areas of study, including commerce, political science, legislature and law, business management, economics, etc. Since the BBA LL.B. (Hons.) course expands knowledge of both areas, the degree offers a range of skills applicable in diverse sectors, allowing broader scope for popular profiles to explore. Therefore, BBA LL.B. (Hons.) opens doors to excellent career opportunities with a never-ending demand in the global market. Moreover, BBA LL.B. (Hons.) fees in India may vary from institute to institute. The course fee may vary as per the performance, placements, faculty, achievements and other vital criteria for a college.

So, if you desire to pursue your career in the intersection of business management and law, a 5-year integrated BBA LL.B. (Hons.) is the best-suited programme for you. Now let’s explore some of the benefits and career opportunities offered by the programme.

What are the benefits of pursuing a BBA LL.B. (Hons.)?

Nowadays, an ample number of aspirants take admission to a BBA LL.B. (Hons.) course as the course offers numerous benefits.

  • A BBA LL.B. (Hons.) course duration is five years. Therefore, the integrated course saves one year of your career.
  • As the course expands the skills of a management expert and a lawyer, the aspirants understand the interaction between law and businesses. They can predict the legal needs of their business entities and comprehend the impact of law and regulations on them.
  • The BBA LL.B. (Hons.) course graduates may also practice law or work as a legal counsel or advisor and pursue a legal writing career.
  • The course is a gateway to Civil services for aspirants interested in a government job.
  • The 5-year integrated BBA LL.B. (Hons.) course opens up immense scope for the law aspirants, allowing them to obtain employment opportunities in the planning, banking, administration, industrial, and management sectors. Therefore, it is a comprehensive and contemporary course encompassing integrated knowledge and thorough education. In addition, the course aims to cater to the aspirants with a gateway to the corporate world and decision-making, keeping in view the legal dimensions.

What are the career opportunities after a BBA LL.B. (Hons.) Degree?

Business Consultant

A BBA LL.B. (Hons.) degree allows you to work as a business consultant in the corporate world. The critical role of the professional is to advise organisations on legal matters related to the market, its risks, solutions, business expansion strategies, determine potential opportunities, etc.


With the integrated knowledge about the law and current market trends, lawyers can send legal notices, investigate the facts and evidence by consulting with their clients, review documents, defend their clients in the legal framework, etc.

Law Writer

A Law Writer produces writing material of any kind for the legal industry. The role of a legal writer includes writing for laws, duties, expression of rights, and other legal analyses. They are employed by lawyers, legislators, judges, and other professionals from the legal industry.

Law Compliance Officer

A Law Compliance Officer or Compliance Manager is responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of a company ethically and legally. Their role is to help the organisation meet its business goals while complying with the rules.

Academic sector

The five year BBA LL.B. (Hons.) programme enables the aspirants to gain proficiency in management studies and law. Therefore, Law professionals can choose to teach either area or both the combined regions.

Human Resource Manager

A Human Resource Manager requires detailed business management, legal framework, company policies, etc. These professionals ensure an organisation’s effortless functioning by managing its key resource, i.e., the employees.

As we know, the BBA LL.B. (Hons.) course equips individuals with the knowledge and skills significant for the management and law sectors, making these graduates extensively valuable for the corporate world and businesses. Thus an integrated law degree has a broader scope of career advancement than the other degrees. Furthermore, BBA LL.B. (Hons.) graduates are highly in demand in the public-private sectors and leading businesses for their legal services. Hence, these graduates have a promising career scope in varied economic sectors, including administration, banking, management, industrial sector and other profiles related to judiciary and law. So, no matter which area you choose, it will be a win-win situation for you.

Additionally, Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) has been imparting the five-year integrated Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Laws (BBA LL.B. (Hons.)) Programme since 2013. The programme is structured according to the modern Bar Council of India rules and the University Grants Commission prescriptions. The BBA LL.B. (Hons.) Course at Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) aims at fostering a culture of scholarship and academic excellence amongst the aspirants. Moreover, the course assists the aspirants to explore extensive career options through internships in the corporate sector, law firms, start-ups, small business houses, advisory and legal consultancy under CAs, CSS, CFAs firms, international law firms and international organisations.

In addition, to know more about JGU and BBA LL.B. (Hons.) fees at JGU, you can visit their website.

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