If Not Now, When? Five Reasons to Study Environment & Sustainability

The environmental crisis is sweeping the planet. Rising temperatures to loss of biodiversity, increasing pollution to impending population displacement, smoggy skies to sinking coastlines—the effects are devastating. A small group of voices has been screaming climate change for a long time. Yet there is a need for climate action with Continue Reading

The climate crisis is not a distant reality; it’s here and now—are you prepared?

The global environment is changing rapidly. In our own lifetimes, we have seen rivers turn black with pollution, forests disappear and the air become increasingly unbreathable. If the Earth’s systems collapse, so will our societies and our common futures. Sustainable development is an urgent and undeniable need today, to revive Continue Reading

When Global Politics is Changing Dramatically, Here Are 5 Reasons Why the B.A. (Hons.) Political Science from JGU will be a Game-Changer

Politics is a powerful force—it can bring people together or tear nations apart. The whole world is witness to major political upheaval today. Increasing rivalry between superpowers US and China, the fragmentation of older durable alliances including Europe reeling from the aftermath of Brexit, significant shifts in geopolitical alliances across Continue Reading

Putting theory to practice: 5 advantages of pursuing the B.A. (Hons.) Social Science and Policy programme at JSGP

In its annual report published few years back, UNESCO had declared, “The Social Sciences have a critical contribution to make, in helping us understand, imagine, and craft a more sustainable future for all.” Today, that future is here, and the need for sustainable considerations is greater than ever before. Social Continue Reading

The rising relevance of multidisciplinary perspectives in political science education

Political systems across the world have witnessed significant changes in the modern times. Understanding the gamut of developments and tracing the course of political evolution in its entirety requires students of political science to analyse the world around them through a broader perspective. As contemporary world politics reinvents itself, so Continue Reading