The climate crisis is not a distant reality; it’s here and now—are you prepared?

The global environment is changing rapidly. In our own lifetimes, we have seen rivers turn black with pollution, forests disappear and the air become increasingly unbreathable. If the Earth’s systems collapse, so will our societies and our common futures.

Sustainable development is an urgent and undeniable need today, to revive our planet from the environmental crisis.

Ecological challenges like global warming, climate change, species extinction, loss of biodiversity, pollution, and more are largely a consequence of unprecedented growth in human population, technological advancement, environmental negligence and rampant development. Our future depends upon striking a balance between human development and environmental conservation.

The B.A. (Hons.) in Environmental Studies at Jindal School of Environment & Sustainability (JSES) opens the doors for you to make a difference.

You will be empowered to help shape our collective futures and bring about environmental conservation, sustainable policy-making, management and governance that balances environmental, economic and social factors.

Through an interdisciplinary, contemporary training, cutting-edge research opportunities, practical engagements, internship collaborations with 20+ national and international organisations, mentorship from a global faculty and electives across nine schools of O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, the three-year programme will train students to meet the environmental needs of the 21st century.

It is a pathway for working in the global arenas of this complex, challenging and exciting discipline. Businesses, governments and organisations across the world are seeking ways to be more sustainable, energy efficient and climate-appropriate, and need experts in this area.

The Environmental Studies curriculum explores issues of the environment and sustainability through the perspectives of science, technology, policy, law, culture, politics, governance and economics, among others. You will learn how to understand and connect key factors to devise integrated solutions for the challenges of sustainable development.

This is a course for the present and the future—for our young heroes to win a fighting chance of saving our planet.

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