More Than Just a Degree—Preparing for the World of Work

Many of today’s jobs are new and exciting possibilities. Tomorrow’s could be uncharted opportunities. As the boundaries between disciplines merge and expand, the very framework of the working world is changing. There is much more to be proven now. 

Merit today comes not merely from certification, but from more dynamic sets of skills and experience. With world-class faculty, a rich multidisciplinary curriculum, a plethora of study abroad and internship opportunities, exchange programmes, strong mentorship and more, JGU is prepared to guide students through the exciting times that are to come.

Preparing for jobs vs. learning for life

Education at top global institutions is moving towards imparting not only world-class knowledge, but a world-ready aptitude. From preparing students for jobs, universities are now geared towards nurturing students for lifelong learning, so they can adapt, evolve, and grow with the changing world. JGU strives to provide an enriching, intellectually engaging, discovery-based learning environment with the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge interdisciplinary study and research, community projects, study abroad programmes, internships and much more.

“The workplace is changing very rapidly. Roles are getting fuzzy and it’s very risky to train someone narrowly, because those skills may just become obsolete by the time they get into the workforce. So, we need to broad-base curriculum in a multidisciplinary way. There’s a certain openness and nuanced thinking that comes in with a multidisciplinary approach,” says Prof. Rajesh Chakrabarti, Dean, Jindal Global Business School.

Through the multidisciplinary framework, the ability to explore more sets students on a stimulating journey towards a world that is constantly evolving. As you learn to look at life through different perspectives, you begin to acquire skills that just can’t be taught in a textbook. From being open, adaptable and inclusive to collaborative, creative, critical, and analytical, it is these skills beyond a degree that ready students in a holistic way. 

International exposure

Over 250 collaborations with international universities and higher education institutions across 50 countries facilitate more than 200 faculty and student exchange programmes. Students take full advantage of this. Many even pursue two exchange programmes in a year. “JGU is the most internationalised of all universities in the country. We have the highest number of MoUs with international institutions and we do that very consciously. A lot of students decide to come to JGU because they know of our reputations for mobility options with partner universities to do short-term semesters abroad, attend summer schools, or even pursue a dual degree,” says Prof. Sreeram Sundar Chaulia, Dean, Jindal School of International Affairs. This makes a huge difference in the overall learning experience. It also allows students to tap into the international job market. 

A cluster of international courses and programmes at some of the most prestigious universities worldwide indeed makes for an impressive resumé. Besides this, the value-add in terms of academics and exposure in itself is an incredible opportunity. Students who take these up come back to JGU with a sense of pride and appreciation—they find that what is offered at the best of global institutions is not much different from what they’ve received at JGU. It is, in fact, a truly global institution with a truly global offering. 

Strong internships & placements

Students pursue a wide range of internship opportunities with leading national and international organisations. Placements after graduation are equally promising. From career planning to counselling, JGU is equipped to match students for internships and careers depending on their interests, aptitudes and abilities. Faculty and staff are keenly involved in guiding students from the get-go towards the kind of internships and career plans that cater to students’ unique aspirations. 

Attributes of a JGU graduate

What sets apart a JGU graduate at the workplace? Through their time at JGU, students hone transferable qualities like communication, team building, leadership skills, creative and critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills and more, that are suitable for a variety of fields of employment. They build a capacity to engage in self-reflection and lifelong learning. They are trained to deal with situations that are complex and uncertain. These capabilities go a long way in adapting to the fast-developing and evolving professional contexts. 

An easy transition from university to workplace

The dynamic work environment is not much of a leap for graduates of JGU. Coming from a university setting that is multicultural, multidisciplinary, and global in every sense, there is already a confident ease, determination and clarity in a student’s approach to life. Usually, the working work is culture-shock for youngsters fresh out of college. But the very intensive nature of study, atmosphere of discussion, focus on detail and collaborative work, and exposure to best global standards and practices prepare students in the classroom for any number of professional positions they may assume.

Students get to meet and interact with peers and professors from different parts of the country and the world over. The cultural experiences they share open their minds to be more appreciative and empathetic of different people and outlooks. A deep understanding of, and respect for diversity, pluralistic societies and other cultures is entrenched in the very fabric of JGU’s ethos. Especially in a time when the world is divided on racial, religious, gender, economic and other bases, a sense of justice and acceptance is critical. This translates to any professional role in a multifarious field of work.

JGU graduates are setting the bar high

“A lot of law firms initially were not open to taking students from private universities. After 10 years of JGU, now the perception has completely changed. Now, preference is given to private law school graduates, especially if they’re coming from JGU,” beams Sneha Bhawnani, who completed her B.A. LLB from Jindal Global Law School in 2016. 

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