JGU To Oxford: JGU Student’s Incredible Journey Of Learning

Meet Shambhavi Suri, an alumna of B.A. (Hons.) Journalism and Media Studies, Jindal School of Journalism & Communication (JSJC), Batch 2017-2020.

On a regular day, Shambhavi would be usually found reading news or books but the past few days have been a bit different for not only her but also her family. Nowadays, she is busy answering phones and replying back to messages as her family, friends, peers and teachers congratulate her on her recent achievement of getting into University of Oxford to study MSc. in Modern South Asian Studies.

“I am looking forward to embarking on a new journey at the University of Oxford. It is exciting to think about studying at the premier educational institution of the world and to meet people of different ethnicities, religions, hailing from all parts of the world and, learn from their experiences,” shares Shambhavi as she talks about her new chapter of higher education.

When asked about her decision of choosing O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU), Shambhavi gives a big smile and shares, “Journalism and media studies was an area of study that I was drawn towards in high school. The fact that this discipline would enable me to learn in-depth about everything under the sun – from Indian and world politics to popular culture and how to use a camera was what attracted me to pursue my graduation in journalism. I got to know about Jindal School of Journalism & Communication (JSJC) from a friend of mine and a quick Google search later, I found out that it was the first global media school in India and also had an interdisciplinary approach which aligned with my interests.”

Her eyes light up as she talks about her initial days at JGU, “Like every 18-year-old, I was both excited and anxious to start my college life. With two suitcases filled with essential items and some homemade food products, I stepped in the JGU Campus for the first time in August 2017.”

It took Shambhavi just two weeks to make JGU her second home. Everything about JGU – campus life, faculty members, students, support staff – all have a special place in her heart. She dearly misses the campus, as she was not able to live the last few days of her college life in campus due to the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic. “When I was leaving in March 2020, I knew that I am not only taking back two suitcases filled with clothes, but also memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life,” shares Shambhavi.

While talking about her experience at JSJC, she mentions, “Although it is difficult for me to point out one one instance that had left a mark on me, I know it was the little things that made me who I am. For instance, Professor Muralidharan’s feedbacks and guidance really pushed me to put in the extra work to reach my potential. It was only after taking his courses, Contemporary Indian Politics and Democracy, and History of the Modern World, I realised my interests of pursuing a career in South Asian Studies. I was fortunate enough to also write my thesis and a research paper as a GRIP Scholar, under his guidance. Professor Kajori Sen’s rigour, guidance and encouragement, along with the constant support from all the other faculty members, made all the difference during my educational journey at JGU. And of course, my interest in politics was further reinforced when I was first elected as the General Secretary of the JSJC Student Council and later, as the President.”

Her engagements as a President of the Student Council was all together a different experience for Shambhavi. “Our interactions as the council would inevitably run till midnight, exchanging ideas, brainstorming, debating yet sharing great comradery and respect for one another, has especially had a huge impact on me.”

“Saying goodbye to JGU was tough but I am convinced that I could not have reached a step closer to my dreams without the foundation that was nurtured by the illustrious faculty of JSJC and the people I met at JGU.”, shares Shambhavi as she starts making a checklist of things she will do at Oxford.

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